Business news from Ukraine


9 July , 2018  

Ukrainian enterprises in January-June 2018 increased copper and copper products imports in money terms by 6.5% year-over-year, to $42.566 million. According to the customs statistics released by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, exports of copper and copper products in the first six months of the year increased by 43.8%, to $87.590 million.
In June alone, copper and copper products were imported to the amount of $7.189 million, exports were estimated at $12.736 million.
In addition, Ukraine in January-June increased imports of nickel and its products by 18.9%, to $47.603 million ($8.715 million in June alone), reduced imports of aluminum and products from it by 2.2%, to $ 175.507 million ($31,950 million), and boosted imports of lead and its products by 90.3%, to $5.663 million ($1.390 million). Imports of tin and products from it grew by 10.3%, to $ 2.346 million ($211,000) and those of zinc and zinc products by 30%, to $44.566 million ($6.480 million).
Exports of aluminum and its products in January-June 2018 increased by 22.8%, to $ 71.462 million ($12.319 million in June), those of lead and products from it decreased by 18.6% to $19.414 million ($3.320 million). Exports of nickel and products grew by 24.3%, to $4.179 million ($1.026 million in June).
Exports of zinc in January-June 2018 amounted to $118,000 ($17,000 in June), while in January-June-2017 they were estimated at $44,000. Shipments of tin and goods made of it abroad in January-June 2018 amounted to $269,000 (tin was not exported in June), whereas in January-June-2017 tin exports stood at $148,000.