Business news from Ukraine


30 October , 2021  

Electricity production in the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine in January-September 2021 grew by 6.2% (by 6.702 billion kWh) compared to the same period in 2020, to 114.375 billion kWh, according to data from the Ministry of Energy.
According to the calculations of Interfax-Ukraine, nuclear power plants (NPPs) in January-September 2021 increased electricity generation by 9.1%, to 61.946 billion kWh. In particular, production at the Zaporizhia NPP amounted to 25.382 billion kWh (a rise of 26.3% versus January-September 2020), Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP – 13 billion 237.5 million kWh (1.8% less), Rivne NPP – 14.474 billion kWh (0.5% more), Khmelnytska NPP – 8.852 billion 852.1 million kWh (0.6% more).
Thermal power plants (TPPs), as well as combined heat and power plants (CHPPs) and cogeneration plants reduced their output by 4.9%, to 33.308 billion kWh, including generating companies, TPPs increased production by 2.4%, to 26.732 billion kWh, while CHP and cogeneration plants decreased by 26.2%, to 6.575 billion kWh.
Hydro and pumped storage power plants (HPPs and PSPPs) increased production by 45.4%, to 8.139 billion kWh, while block stations decreased by 12.8%, to 1.24 billion kWh.
Electricity production by alternative sources (wind farms, solar power plants, biomass) increased by 10%, to 9.743 billion kWh.
The share of nuclear power plants in the structure of electricity production amounted to 54.2% (in January-September 2020 it was 52.7%), thermal power plants, thermal power plants and cogeneration plants – 29.1% (32.5%), hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage power plants – 7.1% (5.2%), block stations – 1.1% (1.3%), alternative sources – 8.5% (8.2%).
In September 2021, electricity production in the IPS of Ukraine grew by 4.1% (by 457.7 million kWh) compared to the same month last year, to 11.735 billion kWh.
In addition, the supply of heat energy in January-September 2021 rose by 12.1% (by 1.604 million Gcal) compared to the same period last year, to 14.833 million Gcal.