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31 May , 2021  

JSC Ukrzaliznytsia is launching a Kiev-Vienna train since June, which will pass through the territory of Ukraine, Austria and Hungary, the Ukrzaliznytsia’s press service reported on Sunday.
The restoration of international railway traffic became possible with the assistance of the railway authorities of Austria and Hungary thanks to the stabilization of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic.
“The first train from Kiev to Vienna will start on June 1, so Ukrzaliznytsia passengers have a great opportunity to start their summer with a visit to Austria. In the future, the train will run daily according to the following schedule: it will depart from the Central Kiev Station at 02:07 pm, will pass through Budapest (arrival at 8:20 am) and arrive in Vienna at 11:21 am the next day. In the opposite direction (from June 2) the train will depart at 4:42 pm and arrive in Kiev at 5:22 pm the next day,” Ukrzaliznytsia said.
Tickets for the Kiev – Vienna train can be purchased at the international ticket offices of the stations.
“Passengers can find out up-to-date information on the rules for the entry of Ukrainian citizens into the territory of Austria and Hungary, as well as citizens of these countries in Ukraine, through the official sources of the embassies of Ukraine in Austria and Hungary and the embassies of these countries in Ukraine,” Ukrzaliznytsia said.

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