Business news from Ukraine


6 June , 2018  

The modernization of the waste management infrastructure in accordance with the National Waste Management Strategy until 2030 requires more than EUR 3 billion of investments during 2019-2030, expert for waste management Mykola Doichinov has said at the conference “New Waste Management Policy is a Way to a Circular Economy” in Kyiv. According to the expert, calculations were carried out as part of the development of the National Waste Management Plan until 2030. According to the expert, as a result of the new waste management policy, tariffs for garbage disposal for the population will grow from EUR 0.6 per month in 2020 to EUR 1.4 per month in 2030.
At the same time, the expert stressed the implementation of the new strategy requires intensification of cooperation with international financial donors. At the same time, the state should also extend the responsibility of producers to cover the costs of garbage collection and sorting.
In addition, according to Doichinov, it is necessary to differentiate environmental tax on landfills that do not meet modern environmental requirements. As a result, the use of such landfills will become expensive, while the state will be able to send additional funds received from the tax for the renovation of these territories, the expert said.