Business news from Ukraine


28 March , 2019  

Electricity consumption in Ukraine in January and February 2019, taking into account in-process consumption in power grids, increased by 0.7% (by 187.4 million kWh) compared to the same period last year, to 28.442 billion kWh, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry has told Interfax-Ukraine.
Without taking into account in-process consumption, electricity consumption in January and February 2019 rose by 0.8% (by 177 million kWh), to 22.332 billion kWh.
The country’s industry, excluding in-process consumption, decreased electricity consumption by 1.9%, to 8.679 billion kWh. Metallurgical industry consumed 4.905 billion kWh (1.1% down compared to January and February 2018), fuel industry some 613.9 million kWh (2.5% less), machine building industry some 781.1 million kWh (1.8% less), chemical and petrochemical sectors some 460.9 million kWh (17.2% less), food and processing industries some 746.4 million kWh (4.6% more), the sector of construction materials some 282.1 million kWh (11.1% less), and others some 889.8 million kWh (1.9% more).
In addition, agricultural enterprises consumed 625.9 million kWh (4.6% more), transport companies some 1.278 billion kWh (0.6% more), and construction enterprises some 216.2 million kWh (8.1% more).
In January and February 2019, the country’s population consumed 7.015 billion kWh (1% up), household consumers some 3.003 billion kWh (0.8% more), and other non-industrial users some 1.516 billion kWh (15.1% more).