Business news from Ukraine


8 April , 2021  

State-owned enterprise Medical Procurement of Ukraine has confirmed to the Lekhim company its readiness to accept the supply of vaccine against coronavirus (COVID-19) manufactured by Sinovac Biotech Ltd. under a procurement agreement for the national budget’s funds.
The Health Ministry of Ukraine told Interfax-Ukraine, Lekhim provided the state-owned enterprise with all the necessary documents that are required when informing about the shipment of products.
Among these documents, in particular, an invoice, a certificate of quality (analysis) of a series of products, a marketing authorization, a certificate of origin from the manufacturer, information on WHO retraining and/or a marketing authorization from a competent authority of one of the designated countries, a packing list and a document confirming adherence to the cold chain and others.
Medical Procurement of Ukraine says that the documents were handed over by the supplier on Tuesday.
“Having processed the documents sent by the supplier company yesterday, the Ministry of Health confirmed to the counterparty its readiness to accept the batch of products specified in the supplier’s documents in the amount of 200,000 bottles/syringes,” the Health Ministry said.
At the same time, the state-owned enterprise says that “the implementation of this delivery does not release the supplier from the obligation to pay a penalty and fine.”
According to the Health Ministry, a penalty for each day of delay will be charged starting March 6, 2021.