Business news from Ukraine


25 October , 2021  

Ukraine, with financial support from the U.S. government, will receive $2.8 million worth of refrigeration equipment for storing COVID-19 vaccines at primary health care facilities and when using by mobile teams.
According to a press release from UNICEF, which supplied the equipment, funds for the purchase of the equipment were provided by USAID.
Some 3,100 vaccination points, 1,034 of which operate on the basis of primary health care facilities, and 800 mobile teams, will receive equipment.
The equipment includes 5,643 thermal containers, 8,100 thermal bags, 197,730 ice packs and 27,486 temperature monitoring devices.
The first batch of equipment was delivered on September 30 and includes 2,700 thermal bags in which COVID-19 vaccines can be stored at temperatures from +2 to + 8 ° C.
In the future, this equipment can be used for the transportation and storage of vaccines provided for by the national immunization schedule.
Currently, USAID has allocated about $10 million to support vaccinations in Ukraine and donated almost $2.2 million of COVID-19 vaccines to Ukraine as part of the COVAX mechanism.

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