Business news from Ukraine


4 October , 2019  

Ukraine’s seaports, whose share in import deliveries of diesel fuel is rapidly growing amid the introduction of duties on Russian resources supplied by pipeline, will have to accept a record volume of diesel fuel in the amount of 150,000 tonnes in October, director of A-95 Consulting Group (Kyiv) Serhiy Kuyun said on Facebook.
According to him, to date, the record volume fixed in the autumn of 2015 was 130,000 tonnes.
Kuyun said that in September the share of seaports in the structure of import deliveries was 20%, whereas a year earlier it was 10%. The share of fuel supplies from Belarus is 53% (against 36% in September 2018), Russian deliveries by rail 6% (against 3%), Russian deliveries through Gomel 12% (against 9%), and Lithuania’s share some 9% (against 8%).
“After the tense first half of September, when the price of diesel fuel increased by more than 11% due to deficit, the market was balanced by the end of the month even with a slight surplus. It will come in handy in October, when supplies from Belarus are expected to fall due to the halt of Mozyr oil refinery,” the expert said.
The required amount of fuel, he said, will be covered by increasing supplies through seaports, oil refining by Ukrtatnafta, and railway deliveries from Russia.
Commenting on the market price situation in September, he noted that the cost of diesel fuel is not yet striving to decrease.

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