Business news from Ukraine


4 July , 2020  

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba has met with the owners and leaders of Ukrainian businesses, which operate in Turkey, the press service of the Foreign Ministry has said.
“The owners and leaders of Ukrainian businesses positively assessed the initiative of the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey to create the Ukrainian Business Association in Turkey, a union aimed at promoting Ukrainian companies in the Turkish market,” the statement said.
All participants in the meeting agreed on the need to further expand the economic presence of Ukraine in Turkey.
The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, in turn, noted that IT services and agriculture are two export spheres that adequately represent the brand of Ukraine in the world.
“In particular, in the context of the pandemic’s disrupting traditional supply chains, the powerful agricultural export turns Ukraine into a guarantor of the world’s food security,” the press release said.
Kuleba drew special attention of those present to the recently updated Council of Exporters and Investors under the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. This body is able in practice to promote domestic business in consolidation, in particular, in the Turkish market. In addition, it is able to open up additional prospects for common access with Turkish partners to the markets of third countries.
“My task is to build a system of the Foreign Ministry that clearly works and helps businesses and investors. I urge you to actively use the opportunities offered by the format of the Council of Exporters and Investors under the Foreign Ministry,” Kuleba said.