Business news from Ukraine


14 August , 2019  

Ukraine in January-July 2019 exported 243,710 tonnes of poultry, which is 32% more than in the same period in 2018, the State Fiscal Service has reported. According to its data, in monetary terms exports of these products increased by 23%, to $356.57 million.
Poultry and offal imports for the seven months fell by 2.9%, to 71,240 tonnes, in monetary terms by 2.3%, to $28.62 million.
According to the State Fiscal Service, exports of pork in January-July 2019 rose by 2.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2018, to 1,200 tonnes. In monetary terms exports of this product amounted to $2.65 million (1.3%).
Pork imports to Ukraine during this period grew by 11.7%, to 13,580 tonnes. The country received this meat for a total of $25.71 million that is 14% more compared to the previous seven months.

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