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15 February , 2019  

The Ukrainian media Internet advertising market expands by 39.9% in 2018, to UAH 3.511 billion, the Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA) has said.
The share of direct sales on this market over the period came to 56%. The segments of media Internet advertising are the following: banner advertising with 37% of the market share (a decline by 12.6 percentage points (p.p.) on 2017), in-stream video (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, pause-roll, overlay-advertisement, picture-in-pause) was – 42% (growth of 15.8 p.p.), in-page video advertising (content-roll) – 9% (a rise by 6.8 p.p.), other non-standard solutions (pop-up and pop-up pop-ups, catfish and screen-glide formats, synchronous banners, frontlines, full-screen advertising, sound advertisement in a digital audio stream and other types) – 7% (a decline by 5 p.p.) and sponsorship – 5% (a fall by 4.8 p.p.).
The share of mobile media Internet advertising (targeted at mobile device users) of the total turnover of media Internet advertising was the following: 30% for banner advertising (a rise by 16 p.p.), 29% for in-stream video (a rise by 18 p.p.), 14% for in-page video (content-roll, a rise by 8.5 p.p.), 14% – for non-standard solutions (growth by 10.5 p.p.) and 13% for sponsorship (a rise by 12 p.p.).
The share of Programmatic (automated advertising) was 25.91% for purchases by agencies and 50.35% for platforms.
The share of social media and instant messengers (FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Viber and other applications) was also determined in advertising – 34.45% (a rise by 8 p.p.).
The methodology for measuring the volume of media Internet advertising was based on a cross-sectional analysis of survey data from the largest advertising agencies, websites and sales houses.
“The survey involved leading online advertising agencies: Dentsu Aegis Network Ukraine, razom communications, Sigma, ITCG, Havas Digital, Publicis One, TMGU, AdWork, DIEVO, MediaHead, Netpeak, newage, and representatives of the largest sites, holdings and sales-houses: Autocentre, Edipress, Lux (24 channel), RBC, RIA,, UMH, Go2Net, FISH, Adpartner, Rontar,, Novoye Vremia, RST and Obozrevatel,” the association said.

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