Business news from Ukraine


20 September , 2019  

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 19 extended the law on financial restructuring for three years. Some 300 MPs voted for the corresponding decision.
According to the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), the bill supported by the MPs also provides for the clarification of legislation in order to more optimally conduct the relevant procedures by the banks. In particular, it is allowed to conduct a joint restructuring procedure for several debtors who are related parties but have different creditors, the document clarifies conditions for the assignment of claims in a financial restructuring procedure and the norms regarding concentration, which should facilitate the restructuring process in terms of coordination with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. In addition, the rules regarding the determination of the moment of reimbursement for creditors’ losses, providing for the satisfaction of claims through mortgage, were clarified.
According to the report, the National Bank believes that the next, no less important task, is creating a full-fledged secondary market for distressed debts and developing the corresponding infrastructure.
“It is necessary not only to solve the problems of working with existing bad debts, but also to think about the future. With the intensification of lending, new non-performing loans (NPL) will inevitably appear, so it is necessary to create civilized conditions and instruments for effective work with NPL in order to prevent their accumulation on the balance sheets of banks in the future,” the NBU press service said citing Kateryna Rozhkova, the first deputy governor of the NBU.