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28 December , 2018  

JSC Ukrzaliznytsia has put up for sale four lots of scrap ferrous metal with the total starting price of UAH 260 million at the platform of state-owned enterprise (SOE) ProZorro.Sales.
The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine said in a Wednesday press release that the auction is scheduled for January 11, 2019. Bids can be submitted before January 10.
Ukrzaliznytsia started selling its assets via the ProZorro.Sales platform in pursuance of government resolution No. 1054 dated November 22, 2017.
“These are the first lots for the sale of Ukrzaliznytsia’s assets, which appeared in the ProZorro.Sales system, and immediately the large quantities of a strategically important resource for metallurgists – scrap metal. This is a really important precedent, since Ukrzaliznytsia is the largest owner of scrap metal in Ukraine. And now the company can carry out its sales at the market price set during the bidding through the ProZorro.Sales system,” Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Maksym Nefyodov said.
In turn, acting Board Chairman of Ukrzaliznytsia Yevhen Kravtsov said that the company sees several positive aspects in this event.
“Firstly, the sale of scrap metal from railways is our help to the domestic metallurgical industry. After all, for these first tenders, Ukrzaliznytsia put more scrap metal than Ukrainian metallurgists imported this year up for sale. However, the main thing is that using scrap metal, for the first time Ukrzaliznytsia has made the way envisaged in the rules of managing property that the government approved and brought to us. For us, this is now an effective mechanism for effectively managing the property of the company to increase its earning power and improve the customer service,” he said.

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