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27 September , 2021  

On October 7 and 8, the capital of Ukraine will host the Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF), which for the seventh year has brought together well-known world economists, influential businessmen, representatives of the Ukrainian establishment, and authoritative economic experts.
The main issue of the forum in 2021 is peace in an era of radical changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how fragile our perception of reality is. Traditional sectors of the economy are under serious attack, while technology is gaining in importance. The world’s best experts, analysts, entrepreneurs, and top management will offer their expertise to find answers to the most important questions of the development of the world economy.
Why is it important to visit KIEF 2021?
KIEF is the main platform for business representatives, economists, scientists, and investors, within which global trends are discussed, a development vector for 2021 is formed, new business contacts are established and partnerships are strengthened.
For the first time in Ukraine, the partner of this Forum will be one of the best international educational platforms for professional discussions about the economy – Economist Impact. The platform will host two panel discussions – “The Role of Emerging Markets in Global Economic Recovery” and “Welcome to the Health-care Revolution”.
During traditional networking, the world’s best experts, investors, and entrepreneurs will share their insights and answer questions, so that you can not only present your ideas but also build a complete business development strategy.
Over 130 speakers from leading international organizations and private companies, in particular WTO, EBRD, OECD, Club of Rome, World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Company,Mastercard and others, will share their vision of the future of the global economy.
The most important trends in the development of markets, issues of leadership in the new economy, as well as authentic examples of the transformation of the global economic system will not go unnoticed by the speakers of the Forum. Panelists will also talk about the latest technological advances in the development of medicine, the importance of which has grown incredibly in the face of a global pandemic.
The KIEF team strives to make Ukraine a new point of attraction for European and world investments through the development of modern production facilities. We help to establish contacts with the largest foreign investors who are ready to provide experience, knowledge, and capital for the development of the best projects.
The permanent strategic partner of the Forum is the UFuture holding company, which unites the companies and social projects of Vasyl Khmelnytsky.
The initiator of the forum Vasyl Khmelnytsky commented on the idea of creating and holding the Forum: “We live in an age of global and very rapid changes. They inspire and excite at the same time. Ukraine faces a choice: to hold on to fragile stability or to move boldly in an innovative direction. Today we can make a quantum leap in development – for this, we need knowledge, cooperation, and decisive action. I see the success of our common future in the synergy of a modernized public sector, the energy of entrepreneurs, and the talent of scientists. We must unite for the global goals facing humanity. It is time to move forward, transform business and economy in accordance with the requirements of the present. After all, KIEF is held so that we feel the trends of the future and become the ones who bring them to life”.
Kyiv International Economic Forum is a unique platform for the exchange of views and expertise for the economic development of Ukraine and the world. The forum brings together about 130 speakers to address key business development challenges, with an emphasis on adaptability and innovation.
Tickets and detailed information about the Forum are available at the link: