Business news from Ukraine


3 February , 2021  

The volume of construction work performed in Ukraine in 2020 increased by 4% compared to 2019, while the growth rate in 2019 versus 2018, according to updated data, was 23.6%.

As the State Statistics Service said on Monday, in 2020 the volume of performed construction work amounted to UAH 199 billion.

According to the statistics, in December 2020, the volume of performed construction work increased by 8.2% compared to December 2019, while compared to November 2020, the figure increased by 49.6% (according to seasonally adjusted data, it decreased by 1.2%).

The State Statistics Service said that in 2020 versus 2019, an increase in the volume of construction work was observed only in the segment of construction of engineering structures the figure was 14.8% (in 2019 it was 27.7% versus 2018). At the same time, in residential construction, the decline in construction work was 18.5% (in 2019 an increase of 4.8% compared to 2018), in non-residential construction 2.7% (in 2019 an increase of 30.3% compared to 2018).

The share of new construction in the total volume of completed construction works was 36.1%, renovations 36.9%, reconstruction and technical re-equipment 27%.

In 2020, an increase in the volume of construction work was recorded in 11 regions of Ukraine. The largest increase in the indicator was observed in Khmelnytsky (by 58.3%, to UAH 6.47 billion), Odesa (by 45.8%, to UAH 27.9 billion) and Donetsk (by 35.6%, to UAH 10.1 billion) regions.

A decrease in the volume of completed construction work was recorded in such regions as: Kirovohrad (by 35.9%, to UAH 1.36 billion), Kherson (by 34.9%, to UAH 1.24 billion), and Zaporizhia (by 32.2%, to UAH 2.72 billion), as well as in other regions. In Kyiv city, the indicator decreased by 2.2%, to UAH 42.8 billion.