Business news from Ukraine


9 December , 2019  

A consortium of Vekto Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and Iridex Group Plastic s.r.l. (Romania) has been recognized the winner of an international tender to implement a project funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the government of Sweden for integrated reclamation of a landfill site in the village of Velyki Hrybovychi outside Lviv, Director of Lviv municipal enterprise Zelene Misto (“Green City”) Vadym Nozdrya said in Kyiv. Speaking at a presentation of a campaign to support the project, he specified that this decision had already been agreed with international lenders and the contract with the winner is expected to be signed by the end of this year, which will allow the contractor to begin work as early as at the beginning of 2020.
Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy emphasized that the city is extremely interested in the speedy implementation of the project, as today it is forced to spend UAH 300 million annually on garbage collection over the closure of the Hrybovychi landfill.
According to Nozdrya, work on technical rehabilitation in Hrybovychi has been ongoing since July 2019 and should be completed in 2021. During this time, the contractor must perform work on leveling and terracing the entire surface of the landfill, cover it with a technological protective screen and carry out the construction of utility systems.
Active preparations at the landfill are under way: the removal of contaminated soil from the landslide that occurred in 2016, along with the removal of lakes with filtrate water, he said. Hrybovychi landfill rehabilitation costs are estimated at EUR11.8 million, plus EUR1.8 million for work with filtrates. Zelene Misto is the commissioner of the work.

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