Business news from Ukraine


1 July , 2021  

Ukrainian producers since the beginning of the year have received the right to export agricultural products to 11 countries, while for the whole of 2020 Ukraine opened 12 export markets, the State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection said on its website.
According to its data, since the beginning of 2021, the markets of Lebanon, Japan, Argentina, Libya and Kuwait opened for Ukrainian producers of milk and dairy products, Serbia for processed animal protein, Ethiopia for table eggs. Lithuania opened a market for the export of arachnids for plant protection needs, a health certificate for the import of live snails for breeding was agreed with Slovakia, and certificates for the export of small ruminants were agreed with Jordan and Kuwait.
The service also announced two audits: an assessment of official control over the production and certification of milk and dairy products and an audit of the state control system for microbiological contamination of non-animal products exported to the EU.
The ministry recalled the coordination of 63 forms of certificates for the export of animal products to the CIS countries in connection with Ukraine’s withdrawal from the previously signed agreement on cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine.
The state consumer service clarified that this year it also has signed an agreement with the Republic of North Macedonia on cooperation in the field of plant quarantine and protection, which should become an additional lever to enhance trade in plant products between Ukraine and North Macedonia.
“Each new market is a new opportunity for Ukrainian business. Today we are actively working with the EU countries, with very promising countries in Asia and Africa. There are about a hundred more export markets that are planned to be opened for Ukrainian producers,” head of the service Vladyslava Mahaletska said.

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