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4 September , 2020  

Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Morozov, who is also a healthy nutrition expert, says food producers first of all aspire to reduce their products’ cost value and often ignore the harm they may cause to consumers’ health. Otherwise, they will be simply unable to withstand the market competition.
“Speaking about monotonous diet for farm animals and various chemical additives, they are used not to poison consumers. Nobody pursues such a goal. The task is different – to cut the cost value and make products with a very long shelf life,” Morozov said.
In a commentary to the Expert Club YouTube channel, the scientist also noted that these rules are used for all categories of food, including meat, dairy and vegetarian products.
“The problem of chemical additives and foreign substances, which could get into food in the process of animal or plant breeding as well as during their processing, is very topical today. For example, natural wine from the wood can be stored for only three days, after which yeast appears in it. It can be stored for a very long time only due to chemical additives,” the biologist said.
According to Morozov, in order to make sure that the food is clean, one should know the brands which are certified to make products without harmful additives. Today, this can be easily done through the Internet.
The full video is available on the Expert Club YouTube channel.

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