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30 June , 2020  

Nowadays fast food is an unavoidable part of nutrition of an average urban resident. It is being promoted by aggressive advertising of fast food restaurant chains whose main task is to attract as many customers as possible and increase sales. The hidden side of such policy is addiction of a large number of people to ill-balanced and unhealthy nutrition, which, in turn, causes general health deterioration and even dangerous diseases.
Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Leonov, who is also a healthy nutrition expert, in his commentary to the Expert Club YouTube channel spoke about the most popular products sold by the largest fast food restaurant chains, giving detailed description of each of them in terms of the contents of various harmful substances in them.
According to the expert, almost all fast food products contain transfat and are high in calories. Consumption of such food causes obesity and other bad consequences.
“Hamburgers, for example, often contain flavor intensifiers. It’s quite simple: you ate it, you enjoyed it, and you felt full-bellied. That’s how a habit is formed which enhances the likelihood of the fact that the customer will buy more and more,” Leonov said.

According to the expert, margarine is often used in fast food as its cost value is much lower than that of natural butter or plant oil. Meanwhile, a part of molecules of fat are transformed into the so-called transfat, which in high amounts is extremely dangerous for human health.
The expert also said that beverages proposed to fast food consumers are rich in carbohydrates which are accumulated in human body and build up excess weight, while desserts, including milkshakes, create a medium for the development of numerous microorganisms that may cause eating disorders and diarrhea.
The full video is available on the Expert Club channel:
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