Business news from Ukraine


25 January , 2021  

French sportswear brand Decathlon, part of the international Auchan Group, will open a new store in the Prospekt shopping and entertainment complex in the spring of 2021, expanding its network in Ukraine to three stores.
“Another bright opening of a new tenant, the French brand Decathlon, is planned in Prospekt shopping mall scheduled for the spring of 2021. This will be the first Decathlon residence on the left bank of Kyiv,” the Arricano company said in a press release.
According to the press release, the area of the new store will be about 2,000 square meters.
The first Decathlon outlet with an area of 2,500 square meters was located in phase one of Retail Park Petrivka in March 2019. The construction of the store lasted four months, the investment amounted to EUR 1 million. The second store, with an area of 3,000 square meters, was opened in November 2019 near the Lavina Mall.
In addition, Decathlon has launched an online store, and delivery is available to all regions of Ukraine. The Decathlon Drive service also operates in the store located in Berkovetska Street.
The first Decathlon store opened in 1976 in France. The brand currently has more than 1.5 stores in 56 countries. Some 99% of the products in the chain’s stores are products of their own brands.

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