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Fundamentals of Pediatric Trauma and Injury Care: Key Considerations and Recommendations from Experts Club

1 April , 2024  

In today’s realities, knowledge of the basics of pediatric trauma and injury care is becoming a necessity not only for medical professionals, but also for the general public. In a new video on the Experts Club YouTube channel, Mariana Bolyuk, anesthesiologist at ADONIS Medical Group, reviewed the main aspects and recommendations that will help to provide the necessary care in critical situations, based on the latest data from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and international organizations.

Main aspects of trauma care

Traumas and injuries in children are a serious problem that requires immediate and proper response. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the number of injuries in children has been steadily increasing in recent years. In the last year alone, almost 97500 Ukrainians sought medical assistance for injuries of varying severity resulting from falls and other accidents.

According to the latest data, more than 1,806 children in Ukraine have been injured as a result of military actions. According to information from juvenile prosecutors, 537 children died and over 1,269 received injuries of varying degrees of severity. The largest number of injured children was registered in the following regions: in Donetsk region – 524, Kharkiv region – 343, Kherson region – 149, Kyiv region – 130, Dnipropetrovsk region – 125, Mykolaiv region – 103 and Zaporizhzhya region – 100.

“Among the main causes of early deaths in traumas, central nervous system contusions and bleeding stand out. It is important to know that timely first aid can save a life and significantly reduce the risk of serious health consequences”, – explained Bolyuk.

Maxim Urakin, founder of the Experts Club information and analytical center, said that the project was and is engaged in all kinds of assistance to civilians during military operations.

“According to the UN data, about 11 thousand civilians have already been killed in Ukraine for 2 years, of which about 600 are children. After the implemented project “Find loved ones” we spend our efforts on trainings on medicine for first aid for adults and children, conduct practical seminars for journalists and teachers in order to get practical skills that can save the health and life of victims”, – emphasized Urakin.

Recommendations on first aid

It is important to remember the basic principles of first aid for injuries and wounds. The main recommendations from Maryana Bolyuk and Experts Club, listed in the video:

  • Assess the condition of the injured person: check consciousness, breathing, pulse.
  • Stop bleeding: use direct pressure on the wound and, if necessary, apply a tourniquet above the injury site to temporarily stop arterial bleeding.
  • Preventing shock: lay the victim down, elevate the legs, and provide warmth and comfort.
  • Call for emergency medical help immediately: in the case of serious injuries, professional medical help should be sought as soon as possible.

It is also vital to receive regular first aid training to update your life-saving knowledge and skills.

Knowing the basic principles of first aid for pediatric injuries and trauma is critical for all of us. In today’s world where accidents happen daily, this knowledge and skill can be crucial in saving lives. Remember, your preparedness and ability to act in an emergency can make a significant difference.

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