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“Kyivstar” and lifecell offer new cybersecurity solutions for their customers

6 April , 2023  

Kyivstar and lifecell have launched new security solutions for their customers: “Kyivstar, in cooperation with Fortinet, a network security company specializing in devices, announced new cyber security solutions, while lifecell announced access to the DefensX browser with enhanced cybersecurity and credential protection to protect Internet users from online threats.
According to Kyivstar’s release, Fortinet solutions will be available in different versions: from physical hardware to specialized virtual machines. In particular, they will be available on a subscription basis.
It is also claimed that customized services to counter cyber threats can be offered, taking into account the needs of companies, with support at all stages of implementation and use.
“The peculiarity of the DefensX browser is that all web pages accessed by the user are opened in the cloud, i.e. remotely from the device traffic and the user’s endpoint, which ensures reliable blocking of malicious code fragments and potential threats,” lifecell explained the essence of its offer.
The company added that the browser’s features also include the ability to block ads and phishing warnings.
DefensX was developed by lifecell’s partner Secure Industries, Inc. The product was available as part of a comprehensive corporate solution for the partner’s B2B customers.
As reported, during the year of full-scale war, Kyivstar’s cybersecurity department successfully blocked more than 450 DDoS attacks on the network and more than 13 thousand phishing attacks.
Earlier, in 2021, Kyivstar business customers already have access to the AntiDDoS service to protect against DDoS attacks (a solution based on FortiDDoS from Fortinet).

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