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Lviv approves cost of transportation work for municipal electric transport

24 May , 2024  

The Lviv City Executive Committee approved a decision on the cost of transportation for municipal electric transport at a meeting on Friday, the press service of the Lviv City Council reports.

According to the decision, the tariff is set at UAH 101 per trolleybus kilometer and UAH 119 per car kilometer. Lvivelectrotrans will be paid for the transportation work performed from June 1 this year.

“The company will calculate the total cost of the transportation work performed: the number of kilometers traveled by electric vehicles will be multiplied by the corresponding cost per 1 km of work. From this amount will be deducted Lvivelectrotrans’ revenue from the services provided and compensation for preferential transportation,” said Oleh Zabarylo, director of the City Council’s Department of Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure.

According to him, starting from June 2024, the city authorities will pay the difference between the cost of the transportation work performed and the company’s total revenues from the provision of services, including to privileged categories of passengers, so that the company can operate and develop.

Mr. Zabarylo also noted that there is no legal framework for paying road carriers for transportation work in Ukraine, and the relevant bills are only being developed.

Earlier, the Lviv City Council allocated UAH 136 million from the budget to pay for the transportation work of Lvivelectrotrans.