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16 June , 2022  

There is no significant risk of monkeypox spreading in Ukraine, the disease does not threaten Ukraine with a large-scale epidemic, Doctor of Medicine Dmytro Ivanov has said.
“Perhaps in the future, the incidence of monkeypox will gain momentum, but today it is more of a hype than a medical problem,” he said on the Expert Club YouTube channel.
At the same time, Ivanov said that at present, identifying cases during the incubation period is almost impossible due to the lack of test systems and mechanisms for screening and examining people who come to Ukraine.
At the same time, the expert said that Ukrainian infectious disease specialists are “fundamentally ready for the emergence of this infection and will be ready to diagnose the disease.”
“If we are talking about monkeypox as a natural pathogen, then it should not give mass distribution and present some kind of medical problem,” he said.
As reported, according to WHO, since the beginning of 2022, more than 1,600 cases of monkeypox have been recorded in the world in 39 countries, of which 72 have been fatal. In Europe, the largest number of cases occurs in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

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