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NATO will not invite Ukraine to join alliance now, but will remove it from MAP requirements – Interfax-Ukraine sources

North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies are not inviting Ukraine to membership talks, but have promised to do so when they agree to it and allow conditions.

This is the content of the final communiqué of the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization heads of state and government to be approved, several informed sources told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

They claim that the wording will sound as follows: “We will issue an invitation when the allies agree and conditions are met.”

The sources also say that the allies have agreed to exclude the Membership Action Plan from the conditions for Ukraine. This wording can be written as follows: “Ukraine’s path to full Euro-Atlantic integration has gone beyond the need for a Membership Action Plan.”

At the same time, the sources do not rule out that the text could be changed.

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UDP Renewables, whose strategic investor is the holding company UFuture, has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, which was established by the European Commission under the Green 402 GW New Hydrogen Production Capacity Initiative. This step was the beginning of the formation of a new direction of the company’s activities in the field of innovative projects for the installation of “green” hydrogen technology.
The company’s project portfolio currently includes solar and wind energy projects with a total capacity of 570 MW, which allows the implementation of the installation of hydrogen technology on an industrial scale.
The alliance’s priorities are to meet the demand for hydrogen as the main source of energy and to attract investment for decarbonization projects. The Alliance consists of national energy and transnational companies, research institutions, and the European Investment Bank. Leading European energy and industrial companies such as Electricité de France (EDF), E.ON SE, BMW Group, General Electric, AREVA H2Gen, Airbus SAS, Alstom, BASF SE, Bosch Group have joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, and more than two dozen Ukrainian companies.
“Our company is closely monitoring the development of hydrogen technology, because it is the next level of innovation in energy and strategy to provide humanity with resources for life. UDP Renewables’ entry into the alliance is one of such steps, it is a look beyond the horizon and an opportunity to receive information about technologies from its developers and pioneers in the industry,” said Serhiy Yevtushenko, managing partner of UDP Renewables.
Today, the investment potential of the hydrogen market in European countries is estimated at 470 billion euros by 2050. In July 2020, the European Commission presented the “Hydrogen Strategy for Climate-Neutral Europe”. Ukraine received a quota for the installation of 10 GW of hydrogen capacity, which became the basis for the active development of a new energy sector.
UDP Renewables is implementing new approaches and energy innovations to reduce the carbon footprint and for a clean future for future generations.


UDPRenewables is an investment and development company in the Ukrainian renewable energy sector. With diversification in the type of renewable power generation and geography, by 2022 UDP Renewables strives to become one of the largest producers of clean energy in Ukraine, with a total capacity of more than 300 MW.
UFuture is a holding company of Ukrainian entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytsky, which has a diversified portfolio of assets in the fields of real estate, infrastructure, industry, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and IT. In particular, UFuture is a strategic investor in UDP Renewables. UFuture’s assets are valued at $500 million, and the total capitalization of the businesses in which it has invested is up to $1 billion.

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The shareholders of Bank Alliance (Kyiv) at an extraordinary general meeting on November 27 will consider the issue of increasing charter capital by 40.4%, or by UAH 105.12 million, to UAH 365.12 million by capitalizing part of profit, according to a bank report in the information disclosure system of the National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market.
According to the report, the increase is planned to be carried out by increasing the nominal value of shares from UAH 16.25 to UAH 22.82 by sending part of profit for 2018 to the bank’s charter capital.
According to the NBU, as of July 1, 2019 Bank Alliance ranked 31st among 76 banks operating in the country in terms of total assets (UAH 3.137 billion).

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