Business news from Ukraine


The Bogdan Corporation has hanlded five 12-meter bodies for electric buses to France’s Bluebus environment-friendly transport manufacturer under a contract signed this spring.
The press service of Bogdan Motors reported on Wednesday that the bus bodies were shipped in the approved terms. The customer expressed its interest in further cooperation.
“This contract confirms the competitiveness of the domestic automotive industry in the EU market. Our enterprises are ahead of European products by their cost and, most importantly, they do not concede them in quality. With the government support, Ukrainian plants will be able to strengthen their positions and find new customers in Europe,” the press service reported, citing Director of Automobile Assembly Plant No. 1 of Bogdan Motors (Lutsk) Dmytro Pysany.
The press service said that the plant in Lutsk designs and produces electric transport since 2008, which can become the basis for expanding cooperation between the Ukrainian plant and the French customer. The corporation recalled that this year the Lutsk plant intends to develop and produce at least 15 electric special trucks for EU cities under the contract concluded with Denmark’s BankeElectromotive. In the case of successful pilot operation, mass production of trucks for Western Europe will begin this year.

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