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France donated mobile laboratory for DNA analysis to Ukraine on July 14

France has donated a mobile laboratory for DNA analysis to Ukraine, according to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France.
“On July 14, 2022, the Center for Crisis and Support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs handed over to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine a new mobile laboratory for express analysis and DNA examination,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a joint press release published on Friday.
This DNA lab, similar to the one deployed on site by the French IRCGN Forensic Support Mission and funded by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is a deployable facility unmatched in the world of forensic genetics, allowing rapid genetic analysis of large numbers of biological samples. .
It was developed by the French company TRACIP (Deveryware Group) together with IRCGN, which is an expert in victim identification (DNA sampling and processing) and evidence collection.
The departments assured that, as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, France will continue to support the fight against impunity in Ukraine.

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The Ifop Public Opinion Institute predicts that the presidential coalition “Together!” comes out in the second round of parliamentary elections with a result of 210-250 mandates, which means first place and the loss of an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

The presidential team’s main competitor, the left-wing New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, comes in second with 150-180 seats in the lower house of parliament, as expected.

The media called the expected result of Marine Le Pen’s “National Rally” a big breakthrough. The French nationalists will have 80 to 100 seats, which will allow them to form their own political faction in the National Assembly.

The centre-right “Republicans” are predicted to receive 60 to 70 seats.

The French elected 577 deputies. For an absolute majority, it was necessary to win 289 seats in the National Assembly.

In the first round a week ago, Macron’s “Together” coalition finished almost on a par with the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), led by leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon.



French President Emmanuel Macron, German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi have arrived in Ukraine.
A photo of the leaders of France, Germany and Italy on the train was posted on the Telegram channel of Ukrazilaznytsia on Thursday morning.

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Verkhovna Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk will speak at the European Parliament and possibly meet with French President Emanuel Macron.
“First of all, in France, I will work on the parliamentary line…. A possible meeting with President Macron is being worked out, if the schedule allows,” Stefanchuk said on the air of the national telethon on Sunday.
According to Stefanchuk, in addition to Paris, he will visit Strasbourg and speak at the European Parliament.
“We will also work in Strasbourg, in the European Parliament. I will have a meeting with the leadership of the European Parliament and a speech in the European Parliament, and meetings with the main political groups of the European Parliament in order to enlist their support at this final stage,” Stefanchuk said.
He also did not rule out meetings with heads of other institutions of the European Union.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that Germany and France stand together on the side of Ukraine.
“Germany and France stand together for Ukraine as part of the European family. We stand for a European Union that stands for peace and freedom, for democracy and the rule of law,” Scholz wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night.

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ZDOROVI, humanitarian aid initiators, deliver the necessary medicines and medical equipment to more than 10 regions of Ukraine every day

Last week, the Ukrainian National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI received two mobile hospitals from partners in France.

“They will help Ukrainian doctors save lives when every second counts. Rescue them where equipment or facilities are usually lacking to provide the necessary medical care. These mobile hospitals in hot spots are like islands of hope,” the agency notes.

One mobile hospital consists of 7 tents, and its technical equipment allows for the widest range of medical interventions — from surgery for the wounded to help for women in labour. Since Russian occupiers are primarily shooting at peaceful villages and cities, without hesitation to cover even children’s hospitals and maternity hospitals with fire. Most of the civilian hospitals in the battlefields have been destroyed: in particular, according to Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, there has not been a single medical facility left in the Luhansk region in the first 43 days of the war. In such conditions, each mobile hospital is able to save hundreds of lives of adult and young Ukrainians.

In addition to mobile hospitals, during the war the ZDOROVI agency has already collected more than 100 tons of medicine and medical instruments and delivered them to medical institutions throughout Ukraine. Recent deliveries include Philips patient monitors brought to hospitals in Mykolayiv and Kyiv Oblast, medicines and chemotherapy chairs for the Kirovohrad Oncology Center, and modern medical equipment for the recently liberated Russian hospital in Trostyanets, Sumy Oblast.

Today, ZDOROVI is a team of 16 people, who used to bring into life changes for better healthcare before war, but now they are working 24/7 exclusively to ensure that Ukrainian hospitals and medical centers receive humanitarian aid quickly, on time and in line with their real needs. The National Agency actively cooperates with many countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia and others.

“In the first days of our humanitarian mission, we were able to quickly get first aid for hospitals thanks to international organizations with which we previously implemented projects for medicine. However, after that – the list has expanded significantly. Others who wanted to help were convinced that we could be trusted with cargo of any size, regardless of the final destination – even delivering it to frontline hospitals. We can say with confidence that Ukrainian doctors now have a lot of friends in these countries. After all, this is how we call those who come to the rescue during challenging times,” said ZDOROVI.

In Ukraine, from the first days of the war, a large-scale volunteer movement and a humanitarian aid movement were formed. However, to become a part of it, it is necessary to gain the trust not only of donors, but also of the recipients of aid. If the agency managed to receive the first cargo thanks to the previous cooperation with international partners and medical institutions, only trust itself helped to grow to the current scale. It is the result of the most transparent working mechanisms, detailed photo and video reports and constant communication with all parts of the process – along the entire path of the cargo to the hands of the recipients.

The agency comments that an important condition for the well-established work that they needed to do in the first days of the war was the organization of logistics on the territory of Ukraine itself, as well as a system for the effective distribution of the aid received where it is acutely needed. The first person to entrust ZDOROVI with medical aid from abroad, Thomas Humprey, notes:

“What people don’t realise about humanitarian missions with this level of complexity is this: there may be tons of aid coming in, but if those tons don’t reach the places where they are most needed, then the people who need it most suffer”.

According to the agency’s founder Nataliia Tulinova, doctors and volunteers work miracles, saving lives in extreme conditions. But their heroism alone is not enough: Ukraine needs help. We have all done a lot together, we still have many opportunities today, but we need your support – each of you. Every donation you make, be it a financial financial contribution or medical aid shipment, is a chance to save lives of innocent people and another step towards victory over the racist invasion that threatens not only Ukraine but the world!

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