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U.S. could ban investment in some Chinese industries

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is preparing a new program that could prohibit investments in certain industries in China, The Wall Street Journal wrote.
Such a measure would be another step by the United States aimed at preserving technological advantages in the face of growing competition between the world’s two largest economies, the article noted.
The Treasury and Commerce departments said in reports to lawmakers that they are considering a new system to regulate U.S. foreign investment in advanced technology that could pose a national security threat. The documents, seen by the WSJ, say the president’s administration could prohibit certain investments and would also gather information on other investments. Specific technology sectors are not listed in the reports, but the focus will be on areas that could improve military capabilities.
The new program will cover private and venture capital investments in the development of advanced semiconductors, quantum computing and some forms of artificial intelligence, sources said. U.S. officials want to prevent U.S. investors from providing funding and expertise to Chinese companies that could, for example, improve Beijing’s speed and accuracy in military decision-making.
The U.S. government has long closely monitored foreign investment in China’s economy, in some cases banning it through an interagency group called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. But the rules governing U.S. investment overseas will be a new step in a broader effort by the Biden administration to prevent China from developing technology that U.S. authorities believe could pose a national security threat. Last year, the United States imposed new restrictions on exports of semiconductors and chip-making equipment to slow China’s military advancement, the WSJ notes.
At the same time, administration officials are reaching out to close G7 allies to gain their support for the concept of limiting investment in China.
One of the world’s largest venture capital firms, Sequoia Capital, has already begun vetting new investments in Chinese semiconductor or quantum computing companies in preparation for new U.S. rules, according to the article.
In more details the situation in the economy of Ukraine and the world was analyzed by the analytical center “Club of experts“, the video is available at the link

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Top executives from Wall Street’s biggest banks gave more optimistic assessments of U.S. economy’s prospects

Top managers of the largest Wall Street banks in recent days gave more optimistic assessments of the prospects for the U.S. economy compared with previous forecasts, writes the Financial Times.
In particular, bankers now see a higher probability that the Federal Reserve will be able to provide a so-called “soft landing,” that is, to combat high inflation, while managing to avoid recession.
“The consensus among corporate executives has shifted slightly in a more positive direction. The sagging economy is now expected to be milder than many expected six months ago,” Goldman Sachs Group chief David Solomon said Tuesday at an event hosted by Credit Suisse.
A positive tone also prevailed in a speech by Bank of America Corp. Brian Moynihan, who noted the high consumer activity and resilient profitability of mid-cap companies.
“Consumers have money. They have jobs, they’re spending money and taking out loans,” Moynihan said at a conference on financial services.
Wells Fargo Chief Financial Officer Michael Santomassimo also pointed to “very good consumer spending data.”
Such comments contrasted with statements by bank executives last year when they expressed serious concerns about the state of the U.S. economy, notes the FT.
Despite the growth of optimism, grounds for concern remain. In particular, the head of Goldman Sachs said that the future trajectory of inflation is still unclear, high rates of growth in consumer prices can be observed for quite some time, which will affect the economy as a whole.
“I think we’re going to see weaker, slower growth for a while,” Solomon said.
Earlier, the Club of Experts consolidated and analyzed economic indicators of Ukraine and the world, more details in the video at the link

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Club of experts consolidated forecasts for global economy in 2023

A new video dedicated to the situation in the Ukrainian and world economy at the beginning of 2023 has been published on the YouTube channel of the “Club of Experts” analytical center. The official data concerning the main macroeconomic indicators was presented in the program as well as the forecasts of the leading world analytics for the years 2023-2024 were consolidated.

According to the analysts, the indicators of Ukrainian economy are stable on the whole. Thus to support it in the conditions of war in 2023 the increase of volumes of macrofinancial help from partners will be required. Thus, the founder of the Club of Experts, candidate of economic sciences Maxim Urakin referred to the IMF assessment, according to which Ukraine’s needs for external financing in the current year will be not less than 39.5 billion dollars and can reach 57 billion.

“This forecast is an expression of a high degree of uncertainty on the part of the world’s leading financial institutions with regard to the situation in the Ukrainian economy, and also demonstrates the increasing pressure on it from expenditures,” the expert stressed.

As for the global indicators, the same IMF forecasts that more than a third of the global economy in 2023 will arrive in recession. In turn, Bloomberg notes a record fall in global stock and bond markets in the last months of 2022. At the same time, investors are more optimistic about this year’s prospects.

“The end of the cycle of interest rate hikes, the recovery of the Chinese economy and the end of the war in Ukraine followed by the recovery of our economy could significantly improve the situation both in our country and in the world,” said Maxim Urakin.

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Scientists found link between eating highly processed foods and premature death

In any grocery store, whether it is a chain hypermarket or a small shop near the house, we can see in the window the so-called “processed foods,” that is, those that are cooked, preserved, frozen, packaged or altered by adding additional substances.
The accessibility, convenience and clever marketing of ultra-processed foods make them very attractive to the consumer, who does not think that we pay for the consumption of such food with our own health.
A recent study by Brazilian scientists at the University of São Paulo found an “alarming” link between the increasing consumption of highly processed foods, such as white bread and sugary carbonated beverages, and premature death.
Researchers looked at 2019 mortality data in Brazil and concluded that consumption of ultra-processed foods caused 10 percent of premature deaths.
“Previous studies have assessed the health and economic burdens of food-critical ingredients such as sugar, salt and trans fats, as well as individual products such as sugary carbonated beverages,” study author Eduardo Nielson said in a statement.
“To our knowledge, no study to date has evaluated the potential effect of ultra-processed foods on the occurrence of premature death. Knowing the risks associated with eating such foods and modeling changes in the human diet can contribute to better food policies and prevent the onset and development of chronic disease,” Nielson added.
Ultra-processed foods such as packaged and ready-to-eat snacks, frozen pizza, sugary drinks and breakfast cereals form a significant part of the modern human diet. But a growing body of research links such eating behavior to high risks of obesity, dementia and cancer. Scientists also note that such foods are very low in protein and fiber and high in sugar, fat and salt.
Scientists believe that in high-income countries such as the U.S., U.K. and Canada, where ultra-processed foods account for about half of total calorie intake, the health effects of such diets would be higher.
Researchers say reducing the consumption of processed foods by 10 percent could potentially prevent between 5,900 and 29,300 premature deaths per year in Brazil.
The Club of Experts information and analysis project analyzed the effects of food additives on humans, see the video at this link for more details

“Club of Experts” held a scientific seminar on Ukrainian and foreign vintage wines

On the 28th of October the scientific and practical seminar on “Vintage (molesime) wines and cognacs” was held in Kiev analytical center “Club of experts” with the assistance of the public association “Association of gardeners, winegrowers and winemakers of Ukraine” (“Ukrsadvynprom”) and with the participation of an expert collector of vintage alcoholic beverages Igor Magalyas.
There were 17 kinds of wine drinks, produced in Ukraine and Europe, aged up to 80 years. During the tasting the expert group evaluated the individual qualities of drinks with different ageing and determined their organoleptic characteristics.

According to Maxim Urakin, the organizer of the conference, in the future holding of such events will help to develop the market of vintage beverages in Ukraine and increase the export potential of domestic producers.
“At the moment vintage wines and cognacs are considered elite and unattainable for the average buyer. In reality this is not the case. In EU countries this category of drinks is available for all segments of the population and their prices are not much higher than the average price for ordinary wine on the supermarket shelves”, he said.
Co-organizer of the conference, wine expert Igor Magalyas stressed the importance of popularization of Ukrainian brands of vintage beverages in Europe.
“The market of vintage wines and cognacs in the European Union is quite extensive. The main exporters of such products are Italy, Spain and France. Ukraine has no less potential in this direction,” Magalyas emphasized.
Vintage (molesim) in wine-making means a year of vintage of a certain type of grapes, from which wine, cognac or other drink on its basis is produced. This indicator is important in determining the characteristics of the drink because weather and climatic conditions change every season, which can both positively and negatively affect the organoleptic characteristics of beverages of the same brand.

The Club of Experts is Kiev analytical center, which is engaged in researches in the field of economics, sociology and other scientific disciplines. In particular, with the assistance of the Club of experts during the last year there were held several events for the promotion of the national winemaking products.
Public Union “Ukrsadvindindprom” was a partner of the seminar and tasting. “Ukrsadvindwinprom” unites about 200 producers of fruits, berries, nuts and grapes, enterprises that process fruits and berries and produce wine, as well as scientific institutions for implementation of new scientific approaches in production.

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Quotes of interbank currency market of Ukraine (UAH for $1, IN 01.08.2022-31.08.2022)

Quotes of interbank currency market of Ukraine (UAH for $1, IN 01.08.2022-31.08.2022)

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