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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba held a telephone conversation with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at the initiative of the French side.
“Dmytro Kuleba separately touched upon the issue of France’s recognition of Ukrainian certificates of vaccination against COVID-19. The parties agreed that the corresponding Ukrainian-French consultations will soon take place,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.
The ministers noted the unprecedentedly high level that bilateral relations between Ukraine and France have now reached. The French minister expressed satisfaction with the close dialogue he had with his Ukrainian counterpart.
Le Drian expressed his gratitude to Kuleba for his personal assistance in the quick and well-coordinated relocation of the French Embassy in Ukraine to the new premises.
“The ministers welcomed the active development of economic cooperation, in particular the conclusion of four strategic intergovernmental agreements totaling more than EUR 1.3 billion. The parties positively noted a recent visit of a plenipotentiary delegation of the Movement of the Enterprises of France [MEDEF] to Ukraine, which included top leaders of a number of French companies,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said.
The parties also discussed the prospects for the Normandy format at all levels: heads of state and government, foreign ministers, and advisers to leaders.
“Kuleba noted that Ukraine highly appreciates the efforts of France in the framework of the Normandy format, which despite the provocative behavior of Russia, remains the main platform for the settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict,” the ministry said.
In addition, Le Drian explained in detail to Kuleba the motives behind a recent German-French initiative to restore the EU’s dialogue with the Russian Federation, which did not find support among the EU member states.
“The French minister stressed that Paris is in favor of a demanding dialogue towards Moscow. The head of Ukrainian diplomacy recalled that the EU suspended summits with Russia in 2014 as a result of Russia’s aggression against our state, and without constructive steps from the Russian side, there are no grounds to talk about the restoration of this format of a dialogue,” the report said.

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Consultations on the national budget for 2021 will begin next week, head of the Servant of the People faction David Arakhamia has stated.
“Regarding the budget – in a working order, everything is fine, as it was previously agreed. Next week, consultations will begin. And I think that we will go to the vote next week,” he told reporters on Saturday after a joint meeting of the leadership of the parliament and the government and the faction leaders.
“At the same time, when asked when the issue of considering the state budget may appear on the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada, the politician said that “it may even appear before Friday.”
As reported, on November 5, the Verkhovna Rada supported, with a delay of two weeks from the schedule laid down in the Budget Code, government bill No. 4000 on the national budget of Ukraine for 2021 at first reading, having adopted budgetary conclusions and recommending that the government take them into account when preparing the document for the second reading and increase revenues by UAH 20.2 billion.



The mobile communications operator Kyivstar jointly with Doctor Online company will make consultations of doctors in the eponymous application free of charge for subscribers of all telecom operators.
The Kyivstar’s press service reported on Wednesday that users, regardless of location, will be able to consult with more than 40 qualified doctors and receive treatment recommendations using a chat, video or audio call 24/7 for free.
“Today, people around the world are forced to fight against new viruses and difficulties. Since it is now not recommended to go outside, use public transport and contact with a large number of people, we decided to facilitate the process of visiting a doctor so that one does not have to visit hospitals unless one has to. Our application will be useful to elderly people and families with small children, those who live outside the city or stay abroad,” the press service said, citing Kyivstar Chief Marketing Officer Pavlo Daniman.
According to the operator, a series of updates has also appeared in the Doctor Online application. In particular, now during a video or audio consultation the patient has the opportunity of sending files to the doctor (tests for interpretation, photos, previous appointments, etc.).
In addition, if the doctor recommends taking tests, the user can immediately sign up for a test in the laboratory in the application and pay with a bank card.
A history of past consultations and the ability to leave feedback on the work of a doctor are also added.
Kyivstar said that over 3,000 users have downloaded the Doctor Online application in three months. Family doctors and pediatricians lead among calls to doctors. During this time, patients most often treated with symptoms of acute respiratory viral diseases (ARVI), problems with pressure and laryngotracheitis.
The Doctor Online application is a telemedicine application developed by the eponymous company with the support of Kyivstar. In the application, users can: turn to a specialist for advice either via chat, or via video or audio call, receive an order to undergo screening to the Synevo partner laboratory, order drug delivery from a partner in the application, and also schedule the drug uptake in the calendar and at the right time the application will remind of the need for taking a drug.
The application is available for use by subscribers of all mobile operators. Megabytes for use will be charged according to the tariff plan.
Kyivstar said that all user personal data is protected. The Doctor Online adheres to the best world practices of interpretation, storage and protection of information. A secure chat-audio-video communication platform is used, which provides storage and non-disclosure of users’ personal data in accordance with the User Agreement and in accordance with legislation on the protection of personal data.

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