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Citizens of Ukraine wishing to cross the state border have been extended the opportunity to do so using their internal passport, the State Border Service reported.
“The possibility of crossing the border by citizens of Ukraine on internal passports has been extended. This decision was made in view of the situation that is developing on the territory of Ukraine during martial law, when citizens of Ukraine cannot quickly and timely issue a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad (foreign passport),” the statement says. message on the agency’s Facebook page on Monday evening.
The State Border Service stressed that this decision applies to all citizens, regardless of the areas from which they are sent.
The department recalled that children under the age of 16 can leave Ukraine if they have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a birth certificate of a child (in the absence of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine).
“In some cases, while staying abroad, there may be an urgent need for a passport, which is determined by the legislation of the countries where our regions plan to be, or when traveling between different countries. Therefore, we advise Ukrainian citizens to take into account different situations and, if possible, issue a passport for themselves even before crossing the border,” the statement said.

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Almost 43,000 people crossed the state border from Ukraine to the EU and Moldova on March 23, while the day before there were more than 43,000, the State Border Guard Service said on Thursday. “The data of the last few days indicate that the passenger flow on the western section of the border remains stable,” the agency reported.

The State Border Guard Service said that about two-thirds of those who left went to Poland, which corresponds to the average values.

According to it, the flow of people entering Ukraine on March 24 remained the same as the day before – more than 19,000, including almost 16,000 citizens of Ukraine. “The vast majority are men who are ready to defend the country. Since the beginning of the open armed aggression, more than 400,000 of our compatriots returned to Ukraine,” the State Border Guard Service said.

It reports that all checkpoints on the western border (except “Dzvinkove”) operate around the clock.

The State Border Guard Service also reported that over the past day the number of registered vehicles with humanitarian cargo exceeded 670, while in previous two days they were registered 750-760.

According to the UNHCR, as of 13:00 on March 23, a total of 3.67 million people left Ukraine since the beginning of the war, of which Poland received 2.17 million, Romania and Moldova – 633,06, Hungary – 330,880, Slovakia – 260,240, Russia – 271,250, Belarus – 5,570.

Passenger traffic across the western border of Ukraine, thousands

Date From Ukraine Including to Poland Into Ukraine Including Ukrainians Number of vehicles
24.3 43 28 19 16 13
23.3 43 28 19 16 13
22.3 45 30 18 15 12
21.3 42 29 17 14 11
20.3 47 30 20 17 14
19.3 50 45 21 17 14
18.3 50 32 19 15 13
17.3 55 33 18 15 14
16.3 69 47 17 14 14
15.3 75 52 16 13 13
14.3 71 48 15 13 13
13.3 62 41 17 14 15
12.3 77 51 19 14 15
11.3 75 49 18 15 14

Data: State Border Guard Service


In order to prevent the spread of acute respiratory disease coronavirus (COVID-19) on the territory of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its Resolution No. 954 dated September 13, 2021 amended government Resolution No.1236 dated December 9, 2020, which come into force on September 20, 2021 and concern the issue of entering Ukraine from abroad. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs press service on Wednesday, foreigners and stateless persons who enter Ukraine for the purpose of transit and have documents confirming their departure from the country within 48 hours are exempted from self-isolation, installation of the Vdoma application and testing in Ukraine.
“It remains unchanged for all foreign citizens and holders of a residence permit, regardless of the country of arrival to enter Ukraine, the need to have an insurance policy (certificate, certificate) issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine, which covers the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine,” the ministry said.
All foreign citizens, residence permit holders, as well as stateless persons upon arrival in Ukraine need to have a document confirming the receipt of one or more doses of the WHO-recognized vaccine against COVID-19 or a foreign COVID-19 certificate confirming vaccination against this disease.
Moreover, entry into Ukraine is possible on the basis of a negative test result for COVID-19 by PCR or recovery of a person from COVID-19, or a negative result of a PCR test or a rapid test for the determination of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus antigen, made no more than 72 hours before entry.
The certificates of testing and vaccination are not required for children under 12 years of age.
“Foreign citizens over 18 years old who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus and who cross the state border for entry must have a negative test result and install a mobile application for monitoring Vdoma self-isolation, regardless of the duration of stay in Ukraine,” the Interior Ministry said.
It is clarified that self-isolation is not applied if, within 72 hours from the moment of entry, PCR testing is completed or a rapid antigen test is performed with a negative result.