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New cancer treatments: hope for recovery

Modern diagnostic methods, new NCCN guidelines, achievements of world medical science in oncology, real cases and practices of the Ukrainian medical community – all these and other important issues were discussed at the largest event of the year in the field of oncology – the annual 4th Oncology Congress “Up-to-date 4.0 + Molecular Meetings”.
This year’s oncology congress was held in fruitful cooperation of leading medical institutions with deep expertise in oncology. The event was organized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Society of Clinical Oncologists (USCO) – OncoHUB, the National Cancer Institute, CSD LAB Medical Laboratory and the Global Medical Knowledge Alliance (GMKA).
The event took place on November 23 and 24 in the capital of Ukraine, at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center, and brought together more than 800 doctors of various oncology specializations from all over the country.
The event was opened by Viktor Lyashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine, Olena Yefimenko, Director General of the National Cancer Institute, Oleksandr Dudin, Managing Partner of CSD LAB, and Andriy Beznosenko, Chairman of ONCOHUB.
The main thesis of Viktor Lyashko was the statement about the need to provide high-quality and modern medical care that meets the current challenges of Ukraine. After all, a full-scale invasion unfortunately leads to an increase in the number of cancer patients. Therefore, there is an urgent need to update not only clinical guidelines, standards and protocols, to develop technical equipment of medical institutions, but also to work together to improve the knowledge and competencies of doctors, to attract best practices and methods.
“The conference “Up-to-date 4.0 + Molecular Meetings” is our new step towards an even larger-scale realization of the common goal of CSD LAB Medical Laboratory and our colleagues at OncoHub: to unite doctors to share knowledge, advanced technologies, experience and new opportunities. They should help the doctor to be more effective, and the patient to get a chance to survive and improve the quality of life. And this is very important, because despite the availability of opportunities for accurate diagnosis and treatment, Ukraine still remains in the top countries in terms of cancer mortality,” said Oleksandr Dudin, Managing Partner of CSD LAB Medical Laboratory.
“The event is aimed at bringing Ukrainian doctors closer together, giving us the opportunity to share new research and personal experience. For the first time, we have expanded the horizons of our program to include molecular oncology, which is aimed at a deeper study of the molecular aspects of oncology. This is a unique opportunity for the medical community to gain insights into current trends and interact with recognized experts. Also, for the first time, a section on radiation oncology was held for a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach in the daily clinical practice of oncologists,” commented Andriy Beznosenko, Head of Oncology Hub.
This year’s program “Uptodate 4.0 + Molecular Meetings” included more than a hundred reports from leading doctors from Ukraine, the USA, France, Latvia, Armenia, Slovakia, Germany and Israel. The conference brought together surgeons, clinical oncologists, pathologists, geneticists and public activists, as well as all those who want to be more knowledgeable about oncology.
“To realize our goal of raising awareness about timely diagnosis and personalized treatment tactics, we need to be in constant communication with the medical community and the public. And, most importantly, to encourage people to take care of their health in time to prevent diseases or detect them at early stages with a much higher chance of successful treatment. And CSD LAB provides a full range of diagnostic solutions that are required for this, in accordance with international protocols,” added Oleksandr Dudin, Managing Partner of CSD LAB Medical Laboratory.


CSD LAB and its partners have launched lung cancer public awareness campaign

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer.

The insidious thing about the disease is that there are no specific symptoms and can masquerade as other diseases.

Signs and symptoms of lung cancer may include:

– a cough that won’t go away;
– coughing up blood, even small amounts;
– shortness of breath;
– chest pain;
– hoarseness;
– weight loss for no reason;
– bone pain;
– headache.

Anyone can get lung cancer, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. Symptoms of the disease can be nonspecific and masked by other diseases. Therefore, it is important to recognize this disease at an early stage to have a better chance of recovery.

Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) in partnership with the NGO “Athena. Women Against Cancer” have organized a lung cancer awareness campaign “Take the test!” which will last the whole month of November. This is very important because awareness of the disease and its symptoms allows the cancer to be detected and treated in its early stages.

Another aim of this campaign is to encourage people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer to raise their awareness of biomarker testing. After all, by detecting changes or mutations in a tumor, biomarker testing can help 20-30% of lung cancer patients.

If a patient is found to have a tumor marker that is treatable, the doctor can develop an individualized treatment plan using targeted therapy, which helps improve treatment outcomes and survival rates.

The earlier lung cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances of survival. Therefore, it is important to get screened if you experience any of these symptoms or are at risk.

Learn more about lung cancer at

CSD LAB Medical Laboratory opened new offices in Cherkasy and Mykolaiv

CSD LAB Medical Laboratory (Kyiv) has opened new laboratory offices in Cherkasy and Mykolaiv.

As the laboratory reports on its website, in particular, a new laboratory office was opened in Cherkasy in cooperation with the Avicenna Medical Center. The list of available services of this CSD LAB laboratory office includes more than 1500 tests, including general clinical, biochemical, immunochemical, microbiological, cytological and pathomorphological tests, as well as comprehensive tests for adults and children.

In addition, CSD LAB has expanded its network in Mykolaiv by opening two partner laboratory offices together with ZDRAVO, a modern medicine clinic in Mykolaiv.

As reported, at the beginning of 2023, the CSD LAB network included 40 laboratory offices. By the end of 2024, CSD LAB plans to increase the number of offices to 100.

CSD LAB is one of the leading laboratories in Ukraine that provides more than 1500 tests: from a complete blood count to the determination of genetic disorders in a tumor using the NGS method. For 13 years, CSD LAB has been one of the largest pathology laboratories in Eastern Europe.

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CSD LAB took part in II Congress of Association of Cytopathologists of Ukraine

Last week was a landmark for cytologists in Ukraine, as the II Congress of the Association of Cytopathologists of Ukraine was held at the National Cancer Institute with the support of the National Cancer Institute. This event has become an important platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between domestic and foreign specialists.

The CSD LAB cytology team also took an active part in the congress. Our colleagues presented three relevant reports that aroused the interest of the audience.
Valentyna Karpachova, a biologist and cytologist of the highest qualification category, shared the results of using an innovative methodology for examining uterine cavity aspirates. This technique allows to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of cervical and endometrial diseases.

Tetiana Yaroshchuk, a laboratory cytologist of the highest category, pathologist, presented a report on the Papanicolaou classification for cytology of the pancreatic-biliary system, which is important for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and other digestive diseases.

Pavlina Botsun, Head of the CSD LAB Cytomorphology Laboratory, spoke about new trends in cervical screening as part of the WHO’s global strategy to eliminate cervical cancer. These trends are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of screening and reducing mortality from this disease.

We are pleased that our colleagues were able to share their knowledge and experience to help improve the quality of cytological diagnostics in domestic medicine.


CSD LAB network was enriched with ten new laboratory offices

October was full of new openings for CSD LAB. The network of laboratory offices has grown by ten locations and today counts 91 offices. Thus, the company is confidently going to the planned indicator of 100 offices by the end of the year.

Out of ten openings, three were in the capital. Also new locations were opened in the following regional centers: Odessa, Dnipro (two new laboratories), Chernivtsi, Lutsk and Mykolaiv. Another new city on the coverage map is Vizhnitsa, Chernivtsi region. Although the city itself is relatively small, the agglomeration together with the surrounding villages reaches 30 thousand people. Thus, CSD LAB increases its presence not only in large cities, but also in small settlements. Exactly where there is an unmet need for professional laboratory diagnostics.

“New laboratory offices are not just dots on the map. As a socially responsible business CSD LAB actively invests in Ukraine and the health of Ukrainians. We do our best to ensure that every citizen has access to expert diagnostics. For this purpose, we are becoming closer geographically, as well as integrated into the Medical Guarantee Program of the National Health Service, which allows us to do a large number of tests on a free basis on the referral of a doctor”, – said CEO of CSD LAB Oleksandr Dudin.

Recall that at the beginning of the year CSD LAB network had 40 laboratory offices. Thus, for the current year the number of the company’s offices has already more than doubled. Which also ensured the creation of more than 300 new jobs.

About the company:
CSD LAB is one of the leading laboratories in Ukraine, providing more than 1,500 tests: from general blood analysis to determination of genetic disorders in tumors by NGS method. For 13 years CSD LAB has been one of the largest pathomorphologic laboratories in Eastern Europe.

Most anticipated event for medical community: “UpToDate 4.0 + Molecular Meetings”

Successful cancer treatment is impossible without the combined efforts of a surgeon, pathologist, oncologist and geneticist. That is why this year CSD LAB has teamed up with OncoHub and the National Cancer Institute to hold the 4th Annual Oncology Congress “UpToDate 4.0 + Molecular Meetings” together.

During the congress, you will be able not only to participate in Molecular Meetings and learn about the latest advances in pathology and oncogenetics, but also to get acquainted with innovative methods of treating cancer.

Scientific areas of the Congress:
– Oncology in wartime;
– The role of molecular diagnostics in clinical decision-making;
– Treatment of breast tumors;
– Treatment of gastric and esophageal tumors;
– Oncoloproctology;
– Treatment of tumors of the hepatopancreatic-biliary zone and retroperitoneal space;
– Oncogynecology;
– Oncourology;
– Onco-orthopedics and skin tumors;
– Lung cancer;
– Transplantation in oncology;
– Treatment of head tumors.

Detailed program and registration by the link:

Join the event on November 23-24, 2023 at the CEC “Parkovy” (Kyiv) to develop the future of oncology medicine in Ukraine together!

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