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Energy company ENERGO-PLUS donated vehicles to help Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Research and Production Enterprise ENERGO-PLUS has been involved in humanitarian initiatives and has been helping the Ukrainian military. The Kremenchuk energy company provides military units with vehicles, necessary equipment and machinery. The total amount of assistance since the beginning of the full-scale invasion is more than UAH 8 million.

The funds were used to purchase VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER T5 and Mercedes-Benz VITO vans, as well as Renault Duster, NISSAN NAVARA, MITSUBISHI L200 cars and SUVs and three FORD RANGER vehicles. We also spend money on fuel and lubricants, as well as maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Another area of the company’s charitable activities is providing the military with equipment, tools, office equipment, etc. A separate part of the initiative is the purchase and delivery of 5 generators, which are an important element for power supply at the front line.

– Today, each of us must bring our country closer to victory. Ukrainian soldiers risk their lives every day for the sake of Ukraine’s independence, and we, joining our efforts, are obliged to help them,” emphasizes Yevgeniy Korf, Director of RPE ENERGO-PLUS LLC.

“The humanitarian direction is no less important, because at the beginning of the invasion, thousands of people needed shelter. Therefore, the company also joined the initiative of the Trust and Assistance Charitable Foundation to build a shelter for temporarily displaced persons.

The company’s core business is the design, development, and implementation of industrial automation, power supply, and various electrical systems for Ukrainian enterprises and private companies.

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ENERGO-PLUS entered European market through cooperation with Twerd

The Ukrainian research and production enterprise ENERGO-PLUS is expanding its capabilities by becoming a co-founder of one of the oldest and most experienced electrical equipment companies in Poland.

This strategic step became possible due to the launch of joint activities with the Polish company TWERD Energo-Plus Sp. z o.o. The partnership resulted in the creation of the Ukrainian-Polish company TWERD Energo-Plus, which will allow promoting the equipment of SIC ENERGO-PLUS and Conversion Technology LLC on the European and global markets. This will create an alternative to the de facto monopoly on the global market of Chinese manufacturers of high-voltage frequency converters for 6 and 10 kV motors.

“Today, the company is investing resources in energy technologies to become one step closer to building an energy-independent economy in Ukraine. We are planning to use the latest developments from TWERD Energo-Plus Sp. z o.o., relying on their unique expertise and many years of experience in developing flagship equipment that has proven itself in the world. Thanks to our joint efforts, we will be able to offer high-voltage frequency converters for motors that drive pumping equipment and conveyors, mine hoists and other equipment at industrial and mining enterprises, water utilities, water supply systems, etc. Our own production in Ukraine will allow us to reduce the cost of this equipment and become competitive in the market, competing with Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, especially taking into account the full and qualified technical support provided by TWERD representatives in Ukraine,” commented Yevhen Korf, Director of RPE ENERGO-PLUS LLC.

The newly created consortium allows expanding the production base to 5000 square meters and combining the efforts of the two companies’ own electrical laboratories. In addition, this cooperation allows us to combine production facilities and a professional certified team that can provide installation and service faster than competitors in Ukraine, Poland and other countries.

Cooperation with the Polish company is already helping the Ukrainian company to manufacture and service frequency converters for medium and high voltage with the effect of recovery, inverters for alternative energy sources and storage devices, charging stations for electric vehicles.


RPE ENERGO-PLUS LLC is one of Ukraine’s leading enterprises in the energy sector. Its core business is the design, development, and implementation of industrial automation, power supply, and various electrical systems for Ukrainian enterprises and private companies.

The international group of companies combines the efforts of the Polish manufacturer TWERD Energo-Plus Sp. z o.o. and the Ukrainian consortium ENERGO-PLUS, which includes SPE ENERGO-PLUS LLC, NV LLC Conversion Technology and LLC High Voltage Technologies Group.

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Ukrainian energy company seeks to join Karabakh’s reconstruction

Today Azerbaijan presents an example of a balanced approach to the restoration and reintegration of returned territories.

The realization of the free economic zone “Karabakh” has been launched in completely destroyed Karabakh. The new enterprises that will actively appear in this region are aimed at producing products that will ensure energy independence and full functioning of the region.

This experience becomes certainly useful for Ukraine, which is already preparing for the reconstruction of the destroyed territories after their return.

“Our company is considering the possibility of creating a Ukrainian-Polish-Azerbaijani consortium for the production of inverters, exciters of process control systems and recorders. This consortium will be based on the developments of Ukrainian and Polish engineers and is aimed at meeting the demand not only in the eastern region, but also in the world. The equipment manufactured according to the developments of the specialists of “TWERD Energo-Plus Sp. z o.o.”, a member of the consortium “ENERGO-Plus”, successfully works in the projects realized by our Baku partners in the Baku Metro, providing a reliable ventilation control system. This becomes strategically important in the context of the current situation in Ukraine, where reliable ventilation of the subway is of great importance due to the presence of a large number of people during air alarms”, – said the director of ENERGO-PLUS Eugene Korff.

The Ukrainian enterprise seeks to adopt the experience of reintegration of de-occupied territories and together with Azerbaijan contribute to the development of sustainable economic and social systems.

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