Business news from Ukraine


As of April 1, 2022, the KSE Institute estimated the damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure from the war in the country at $68.2 billion, or almost UAH 2 trillion, while over the past week the estimate of losses increased by $5 billion, according to a press release of the analytical division of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), KSE Institute.
“Over the week, the damage caused to Ukraine’s infrastructure during the war waged by Russia has increased by more than $5 billion. As of April 1, the total amount of damages is $68.2 billion,” the KSE said, referring to the Russia Will Pay project.
“Since the beginning of Russia’s military aggression on February 24, at least 533 institutions of secondary and higher education, 300 kindergartens, 196 healthcare institutions, 129 factories/warehouses are destroyed or damaged. The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development estimates that 6,800 residential buildings were damaged or destroyed. According to the KSE Institute, the total amount of damaged/destroyed residential real estate is about 26 million square meters,” the report says.
“In addition, 54 administration buildings, 260 bridges and bridge crossings, 10 military airfields, 8 airports, 2 ports were damaged by the war. During full-scale Russia’s invasion, the occupiers caused damage to Ukraine, destroying or damaging 64 religious buildings and 51 cultural objects,” it reads.
As reported, the Office of the President, the Ministry of Economy and the analytical center at the Kyiv School of Economics, KSE Institute, launched the Russia Will Pay project, a portal to collect information about the destroyed objects in the country as a result of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.
On the special website you can provide information about the damage caused as a result of the war against Ukraine. In the future, this information will be used by the Ukrainian government as evidence in international courts for compensation by Russia for the damage caused.

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