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Eurocar plant reduced net profit by 2.2 times

According to preliminary data, Eurocar JSC (Solomonovo, Zakarpattia region), which produces Skoda cars and is part of the Atoll Holding group of companies, ended 2023 with a net profit of UAH 37.25 million, which is almost 2.2 times less than in 2022.

According to the announcement of the annual shareholders’ meeting on April 30, as a result, retained earnings as of the beginning of 2024 increased by 16.5% to UAH 262.95 million.

The shareholders plan to use the net profit, as in the previous year, to replenish working capital, and not to accrue or pay dividends.

According to the publication, last year Eurocar increased its current liabilities by 85.4% to UAH 290.21 million, while its long-term liabilities increased slightly (by 3.2%) to UAH 1 billion 460 million.

Total accounts receivable amounted to UAH 707 million, down 22.7% over the year, while assets increased by 10.5% to UAH 2 billion 278 million due to a 2.5-fold increase in inventories to UAH 767.12 million and a 19.2% increase in cash to UAH 82.05 million.

“Eurocar has been producing passenger cars since December 2001. In June 2022, the plant resumed large-scale assembly (SKD) of Škoda cars, which was stopped with the start of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, but does not publish production statistics.

According to Auto-Consulting, in 2023, as in the previous year, Skoda cars took the fourth place in the rating of new passenger car sales in Ukraine, with an increase of 74.7% to 4.95 thousand units, while the market share increased to 7.61% compared to 7.08%.

According to the NSSMC, as of the third quarter of 2022, more than 68.84% of Eurocar’s shares are owned by Atoll Holding, whose beneficial owner is Oleg Boyarin, another 20% is owned by Prostir Capital LLC, and 10% by Iberia Motor Company of Poland.

According to Clarity-project, in 2023, the plant increased its net income by 73.6% year-on-year to UAH 4 billion 226 million.

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The Eurocar plant (Solomonovo, Zakarpattia region) will resume the SKD assembly of Skoda cars from June 10, which was suspended with the start of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, the company’s press service reports.
“Skoda AUTO resumes deliveries of Skoda cars to Ukraine in the SKD format. The first batch – 80 models of KODIAQ and KAROQ crossovers has already been shipped, and from June 10 the plant resumes operation,” the company’s Facebook page says.
The company notes that the growth in production will directly depend on the development of the war in Ukraine. The vacant premises of the plant will continue to serve as a center for temporary displaced persons.
The message reminds that SKD assembly (Semi Knocked Down) means that the power unit (engine, gearbox, front axle), rear axle, wheels, exhaust, and driveshaft for 4×4 models are dismantled from finished cars. The main components, together with the body, are sent for reassembly to a factory in Ukraine.
The company also reminds that a stable supply of original spare parts, accessories and engine oils to Skoda service centers in Ukraine has already been established.
The Eurocar plant, which is part of the Atoll Holding group of companies, the official manufacturer of Skoda cars in Ukraine, began producing cars in 2001, investments in its creation amounted to $ 250 million. Capacities for small-scale assembly of cars were created, buildings for welding and painting shops were built.



Ukrainian vehicle manufacturers produced 1,829 vehicles in January-March of this year, which is 34% more than in the same period in 2020, according to a posting on the website of the Ukrautoprom association.
As reported, in January-February 2021, vehicle production exceeded the figure for the same period last year by 3%.
According to the preliminary data of the association, in the first quarter the production of passenger cars increased by 43%, to 1,690 units, production of buses decreased by 24%, to 133 units, and only six commercial vehicles were produced versus 12 a year earlier.
In March alone, car production increased 2.5 times compared with March 2020, to 722 units, including cars produced 2.7 times more – 665 units, which is also 48% more than the February indicator of the current year.
At the same time, the association recalled that in March last year, statistics in this segment were formed only by one plant – Eurocar, and the Zaporizhia Automobile Plant (ZAZ) resumed production of passenger cars only in September.
In the March statistics on commercial vehicles, as in the previous year, only two vehicles assembled at the Cherkasy Bus plant are announced, and AvtoKrAZ still does not disclose information on its production figures (since August 2016).
The production of buses in March grew by 37.5%, to 55 units.

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Eurocar (Solomonove, Zakarpattia region), manufacturing Skoda passenger cars, part of Atoll Holding Group, tentatively saw UAH 182 million in net profit in 2018, which is 2.6 times more than in 2017.
According to the information attached to the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders scheduled for April 25, its uncovered loss as of early 2019 totaled UAH 1.11 billion (UAH 734.24 million in 2017).
According to the draft decision of the shareholders, it is planned to send net profit for 2018 to cover losses of the previous years.
In 2018, Eurocar saw a 7.3% rise in current liabilities, to UAH 372.93 million, while noncurrent liabilities slightly grew to UAH 1.625 billion.
Total receivables as of January 1, 2019 accounted for UAH 426.61 million, falling by 22.4%, and its assets grew by 50.2%, to UAH 2.303 billion.
Net worth as of early 2019 was UAH 304.42 million, while a year ago it was negative – UAH 429.438 million. The charter capital did not change, being UAH 234.48 million.
Eurocar has been manufacturing passenger cars since December 2001.

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