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Projects for construction of factories for production of float glass products worth hundreds of millions of dollars were presented in Ukraine

Projects for the construction of factories for the production of float glass products in the Zakarpattia and Kirovohrad regions for EUR195 million and $250 million, respectively, have been presented in Ukraine.
According to the presentation by Silverland Industrial Park, the project in the village of Klyucharki (Mukachevskiy district, Zakarpattia region) is estimated at EUR195 million, with 10% of the amount coming from the company’s own investments. The area of ​​the land plot for construction is 19 hectares. The capacity of the production line will be 750 tons/day.
“Before the start of a full-scale war, the demand for glass in the Ukrainian market was 28-30 million square meters per year. Our company will be able to cover at least 50% of this demand. Independent production will reduce dependence on external suppliers, contribute to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine In the future, there is an opportunity to enter the international export market,” Silverland representative Matvey Isichenko said at the International Investment Fair from UkraineInvest on Thursday.
The project implementation period is two years, the expected payback period is 4 years. The internal rate of return is estimated by the company’s analysts at 10%, the EBITDA margin is 31%.
According to Isichenko, there are no competitors in this area on the Ukrainian market, and the proximity of the enterprise to the western border will allow establishing cooperation with the nearest European countries and reducing logistics costs.
The implementation of the Genesis Engineering float glass plant project in the Kirovograd region is estimated at $250 million, while the company’s own investments will amount to $80 million. The area of ​​land for the construction of the plant is 38 hectares.
“We are planning to build a plant in the central part of Ukraine, which gives us a good balance of access to high-quality raw materials and the target market, both domestic and export,” said Georgy Idiatullin, owner of Genesis Engineering.
The plant’s production capacity will be 510 tons/day, or 18 million square meters. m of glass per year. Products include clear glass 2-19 mm thick, with different finishes and shades. The production is planned to use equipment that will reduce emissions into the environment by 70%.
The implementation of the project will create 340 new jobs. The construction period is 3 years, the expected payback period of the project is 10 years. The internal rate of return is estimated by analysts at 11.28%, the EBITDA margin is 28%. According to the project implementation plan, in the first year of operation, the export income will be approximately $40 million.
Products will be certified according to European standards and export-oriented, Idiatullin said.
“There is a fairly large shortage of such products in the world, and the predicted growth of the world market is 8%, the European market is 6.5% annually. The volume of the world market today is $105 billion, the volume of the Ukrainian market for 2020 was $200 million and was completely dependent on imports “, – said the speaker during the presentation.
According to Opendatabot, Silverland IP LLC was established in May 2022. Among the founders are Andrey Isichenko and Alexander Popov (34% each), as well as Mikhail Lashin (32%).
Genesis Engineering LLC was established in 2014. Its owners are Georgy Idiatullin (50%), Konstantin Shcherban (33%) and Vladlena Kisilenko (16%).

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