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“Nova Poshta” has entered French market

Nova group of companies has entered the French market by opening its first branch in Nice, which became the hundredth branch opened outside Ukraine in Europe, the group’s press service said on Saturday.
“We plan to open in Paris and Lyon by the end of the year, and then in other major cities – Lille, Toulouse and Bordeaux,” said Vladimir Popereshnyuk, co-owner of the NOVA group of companies.
He clarified that France became the 14th European country to enter the market.
According to the press release, Nova Post’s post office in Nice accepts parcels up to 100 kg, with delivery costs of UAH 900 for documents, UAH 950, UAH 1.5 thousand and UAH 2.5 thousand for parcels up to 2 kg, 10 kg and 30 kg, respectively. For parcels over 30 kg, customers will have to pay an additional UAH 100 for each kilogram of parcel.
Customers can also order courier delivery of parcels up to 1 thousand kg to any address in France. For parcels up to 30 kg, you will have to pay an additional UAH 100, or UAH 250 for every 100 kg of weight if the cargo is over 30 kg.
The company’s partner in targeted services is the local company Chronopost. You can send a parcel from Ukraine to one of the 17 thousand Chronopost parcel delivery points located throughout France.
It is specified that thanks to its partners, Nova Poshta now has more than 35 thousand service points in Europe.