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USAID Launches Two Healthcare Infrastructure Rehabilitation Projects in Ukraine

The USAID Health Reform Support (HRS) Project has launched two projects to restore medical infrastructure in 45 communities in Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.

According to the Ministry of Health, the project partners will be KBS Start LLC in Kharkiv Oblast and the Alliance for Public Health in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

The projects will be implemented by December 2024.

In addition, within the framework of the project “Restoring Public Access to Health Care”, it is planned to cooperate with 36 primary health care centers.

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance received $118 million grant from Japan

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has received $118 million on a non-refundable basis from Japan under the World Bank’s Health Enhancement and Life Saving (HEAL Ukraine) and Housing Repair for People’s Empowerment (HOPE) projects.

“The raised funds under the HEAL and HOPE projects will help the government to provide its citizens with adequate assistance, in particular, to expand the range of medical services and access to them, as well as to ensure overcoming the consequences caused by Russia’s armed aggression, to restore the housing infrastructure of Ukraine,” Minister Serhiy Marchenko was quoted as saying in the release of the Ministry of Finance on Monday.

It is specified that the attracted grant funding consists of $70 million under the HEAL Ukraine project, aimed at supporting the state budget as a reimbursement of incurred expenses under the Medical Guarantee Program, and $48.2 million – under the HOPE project, the funds of which are used to reimburse state budget expenditures used for compensatory payments to homeowners for repairs in apartment buildings and private houses in need of minor and medium repairs.

As reported, Ukraine received a record $8.9bn in international financial aid in March after only $1.2bn cumulatively in the first two months.

Due to the low external support, international reserves fell by 3.8%, or $1.47 billion, to $37.05 billion in February, after falling by 4.9%, or $1.98 billion hryvnia, in January.

The National Bank had forecast that the latest external inflows would allow international reserves to recover substantially. In January, it lowered their forecast for the end of 2024 to $40.4 billion from $44.7 billion.

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Kyiv will allocate about UAH 6.2 billion for healthcare in 2021, the press service of Kyiv City State Administration said with reference to acting first deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration Valentyn Mondrievsky.
“We will continue to support medical workers and, on the initiative of the mayor, we will increase the allowances for them. Starting from January next year, doctors will receive a salary increase of UAH 5,000, nursing staff will receive UAH 4,000, junior medical staff will receive UAH 2,000,” Mondrievsky said.
He said the city will continue to invest in renovation, repair of medical facilities and the purchase of new equipment.



JSC Ukrposhta delivered 100,000 healthcare parcels in four months.
“Just now – tomorrow it will be public information – we have delivered the 100,000th parcel with medicines for four months. That is, from scratch we have collected 100,000 parcels of medicines delivered home,” said Ukrposhta CEO Igor Smelyansky on the air of KSE Business Transformation Week “Transformation Leaders. Public sector” platform.
He also informed that during quarantine, Ukrposhta opened more than 30 new branches and there are plans to launch 500 movable offices in seven regions by the end of the year.
“For the first time in history of Ukraine I would like to digitize the whole country, so that in every corner of the country, even in yet many places lacking mobile communication – it would be possible to provide digital banking services or track AliExpress orders. And this will come true not ‘someday’, but next September, after launching the last of 2,500 movable offices and, thus, we will be able to provide all these services both online and offline,” he stressed.
As previously reported, on March 23 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution amending the license terms for the production, wholesale and retail trade and import of medicines (except for active pharmaceutical ingredients). According to the resolution, Ukrposhta, along with other postal communication operators, can deliver medicines and related products to consumers.

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The volume of technical assistance raised by Ukraine for the healthcare projects in January-June 2018 totaled $103.8 million, Ukraine’s Economic Development and Trade Ministry has reported. The entire sum was sent to implement 23 donor projects in the healthcare sphere and this is 3% of the total volume of technical assistance attracted by Ukraine over the period (not taking into account the Chornobyl Shelter Fund).
As reported, Ukraine in January-June 2018 raised $0.4 billion more international technical assistance compared with January-June 2017: $3.5 billion for 467 projects, not taking into account the Chornobyl Shelter Fund.

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