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The Innovative Campus for the training of IT specialists, implemented with the support of the UFuture holding, has opened on the basis of the National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.
According to the press release, under the project, a two-story building of the former university canteen with an area of 2,700 square meters is being renovated. The campus is designed for 300 students.
The first floor of the building includes a training cluster and a conference hall, on the second floor there are club offices and co-working spaces. The work is scheduled to be completed in 2022.
“The new campus should help young people who want to develop and connect their future with Ukraine. The world is changing rapidly, we need more such projects. Regardless of external or internal circumstances, we will continue to create an innovative infrastructure,” the founder of UFuture, Vasyl Khmelnytsky, said.
The construction of the campus is financed, among other things, by investments from UFuture and Kharkiv-based IT company NIX Solutions in the amount of UAH 8 million. Khmelnytsky’s K.FUND also allocated UAH 10 million for the purchase of equipment.
According to the press service of UFuture, the new technology for training IT specialists used on the campus provides for the transition from a declarative to a project-based learning scheme, and received support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
UFuture is a holding company that brings together Khmelnytsky’s business and social projects. It has a diversified portfolio of assets in real estate, infrastructure, industry, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and IT. The value of UFuture’s assets is estimated at $500 million. The total capitalization of the businesses in which it has invested is up to $1 billion.