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The Ocean Shipyard (Mykolaiv) has begun work on the creation of a new design for the dry dock gate, which will reliably seal the dock and allow the regular use of the dry dock.
According to a company press release, the new gate consists of eight sections, each weighing about 100 tonnes. In general, more than 800 tonnes of steel will be used for its creation.

The Ocean dry dock is 355 meters long, 60 meters wide, 17.1 m deep. It is one of the largest in Europe and so far the only one available in Ukraine. The area of the front dock is 35,000 square meters. The dry dock is equipped with two gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 320 tonnes each and four erecting cranes a lifting capacity of 80 tonnes each.
The press service said that the restoration of the dry dock will enable the Ocean shipyard to return to the heavy-duty shipbuilding market, as well as to repair ships up to 300 meters in length.
The completion of the restoration of the dry dock gate is planned in the fourth quarter of 2021.
Mykolaiv Shipyard Ocean LLC (before April 2011 Wadan Yards Okean, before December 2008 Damen Shipyard’s Okean, before February 2001 – Shipyard Ocean).

The shipyard was established in 1951. It is one of the three largest shipbuilding enterprises in Ukraine. The main activities are shipbuilding and ship repair. The plant has two technological lines for the construction of medium and large-tonnage vessels. The large-tonnage line is used for building tankers and container ships, while the medium-tonnage lines are used to build barges, pontoons and tugs.
Since 2019, the Ocean Shipyard not only completes shipbuilding and ship repair orders, but also manufactures metal structures for infrastructure projects. Among them are the bridge on Volodymyrska Hirka and the Shuliavsky overpass in Kyiv.
The owner of the plant is businessman from Mykolaiv Vasyl Kapatsyna.



Ocean Shipyard (Mykolaiv) will increase production volumes and intend to take a leading position in the industry, the plant’s owner Vasyl Kapatsyna has said.
“Last year, we finally defended the legal right to Ocean Shipyard. We revived production and diversified our activities in order to maintain the main profile of the enterprise, jobs and modernize technologies. Today I set new tasks for the Ocean Shipyard’s team, namely, increasing production volumes and return of the leading position in the industry,” Kapatsyna said on Facebook.
According to him, a new governing agency has been created at Ocean Shipyard, a supervisory board, which is entrusted with the tasks of strategic planning, the development of international relations, raising investments, as well as partnership programs. Viktor Tsoklan was appointed as head of the supervisory board. In the near future, the supervisory board will focus on development strategies, foreign economic activity, and ensuring public-private partnerships in the defense industry.
“I am also pleased to say that Serhiy Hursky, a shipbuilder of a new generation, has been appointed as Director General of Ocean Shipyard. I believe that the experience and energy of Serhiy Vasyliovych will return Ocean Shipyard to leading positions. I remain the main investor of Ocean Shipyard, the largest shipbuilding enterprise in Ukraine,” Kapatsyna said.
Mykolaiv Shipyard Ocean PJSC (until April 2011 – Vadan Yards Ocean, until December 2008 – Damen Shipyards Okean, until February 2001 – Shipyard Ocean) specialized in the production and repair of container ships, tankers, tugs, barges with a displacement of up to 350,000 tonnes.

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Ocean Shipyard (Mykolaiv) has signed a memorandum with the state defense concern of Turkey on joint activities to implement a project to build a series of corvette class ships for the Ukrainian Navy in pursuance of a framework military agreement signed in October this year during a meeting of the two presidents in Ankara, as well as a contract for building corvettes signed by the parties in Kyiv on December 14.
According to the company’s press release, in order to localize the corvette program, the state defense concern of Turkey conducted an audit of the technical capabilities of Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises. Ocean shipyard was selected and included in the corvette program, taking into account the unique technical capabilities of the enterprise, the availability of professional personnel and the current program of modernization of production assets.
The memorandum provides for the conclusion of separate contracts between the parties within clearly agreed terms and specific steps of cooperation within the framework of the corvette program.
PJSC Mykolaiv Shipyard Ocean specialized in the building and repair of container ships, tankers, tugs, barges with a deadweight of up to 350,000 tonnes.

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