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A presentation of new books by writer Sergei Petkov took place in “SHINE of Book” bookstore

On July 21, 2023, in support of the collection for the mobile hospital, the bookstore “SHINE of the Book” hosted a presentation of new books by writer, scientist, military officer, specialist in the theory and history of state and law – Sergei Petkov. There was a discussion on the founding of Kyiv. How many capitals did the state of Rus have? Where did Svyatoslav the Brave die? Where did Russia come from? And other historical questions and myths.

The oldest bookstore, Siaivo Knytsi, filled with the smell of paper and the sound of rustling books, has always been a place where various stories and famous authors meet. This time, Siaivo Knytsi witnessed a meeting between author and writer Serhiy Petkov and readers. Visitors were full of curiosity and desire to see the face of the soldier and author who so skillfully introduced them to the world of the past.

A bookstore filled with books, an audience that the author greeted with a smile, a friendly handshake and words of gratitude for their support. Visitors who have become part of the literary world have responded to the author’s words, to his research and development. And the author knows that it is thanks to readers that his books and research live on, find their fans, arouse interest, and expand their boundaries.

Talking about historical figures, events, favorite princes… the author gets the opportunity to hear direct impressions of his work. He or she feels surprised when readers tell him or her that they were absorbed by each page, how they lived every step of the way with famous figures, felt their atmosphere, and became participants in history.

Such a meeting is an opportunity for readers not only to touch the author, but also to hear about the process of creating a book, to feel the complex and almost magical atmosphere that reigns at the literary table.

The meeting lasted for a long time, but it was like a moment for those who were transported to the world of books and unexpectedly found their creator there. People were saying goodbye to the historian-writer, charged with new impressions, with a glow in their eyes and an undisguised desire to return to his works as soon as possible.

The bookstore, a place where different destinies come together, witnessed a meeting that captured the moment of communication and confirmed that words have the power to bring people together, open up new worlds, and preserve our history.

The moderators of the event emphasized that it is for the sake of preserving Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian language, Ukrainian books… – Ukrainian identity – that Ukrainian soldiers are fighting the insidious enemy. The organizers reminded about the Mobile Frontline Hospital project – – run by the Charitable Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine under the leadership of Artem Honcharenko. The mobile hospital has already been transferred to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine since November 2022. The proceeds from each book that is currently being popularized in the Siaivo bookstore are used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine will win. Glory to the Armed Forces! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

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