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EXPO FORUM INVESTMAN UKRAINE will take place on November 30 in ECC Parkoviy

INVESTMAN UKRAINE is a place of strength and partnerships for all interested in the business space of Ukraine, as the main place of Investmen, where everyone contributes to the development of the investment sphere, leading industries and the economic front of our country as a whole.

When – 30.11.2023 (Thu)
Where? – Parkoviy ECC (Kyiv)
What time? – start of registration 10:00,

start of the event program at 11:00
networking and informal part from 17:00.

It will be held in the format of the First Investment Exhibition, which will include:
– Expo-zones of investment companies and projects by areas;
– Topical panel discussions and QA sessions in separate mini-halls;
– Lots of networking and socializing;
– Drawings from partners;
– Charitable initiatives
– Setting a Ukrainian Record.

Sponsor of the event in the direction of technological projects – “Brave Inventors“.
Partner of the event on land investments – “ZemInvest“.

Let’s create together a productive synergy of business activity and trend actualization, negotiations and networking, providing or attracting investments, successful contracts and partnerships, expert opinions and exchange of experience in an unforgettable atmosphere of community of the most courageous investors of Ukraine.

Don’t hesitate and choose your best participation format –

Media partners: Interfax-Ukraine, open4business, Experts club, Fixygen

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A presentation of new books by writer Sergei Petkov took place in “SHINE of Book” bookstore

On July 21, 2023, in support of the collection for the mobile hospital, the bookstore “SHINE of the Book” hosted a presentation of new books by writer, scientist, military officer, specialist in the theory and history of state and law – Sergei Petkov. There was a discussion on the founding of Kyiv. How many capitals did the state of Rus have? Where did Svyatoslav the Brave die? Where did Russia come from? And other historical questions and myths.

The oldest bookstore, Siaivo Knytsi, filled with the smell of paper and the sound of rustling books, has always been a place where various stories and famous authors meet. This time, Siaivo Knytsi witnessed a meeting between author and writer Serhiy Petkov and readers. Visitors were full of curiosity and desire to see the face of the soldier and author who so skillfully introduced them to the world of the past.

A bookstore filled with books, an audience that the author greeted with a smile, a friendly handshake and words of gratitude for their support. Visitors who have become part of the literary world have responded to the author’s words, to his research and development. And the author knows that it is thanks to readers that his books and research live on, find their fans, arouse interest, and expand their boundaries.

Talking about historical figures, events, favorite princes… the author gets the opportunity to hear direct impressions of his work. He or she feels surprised when readers tell him or her that they were absorbed by each page, how they lived every step of the way with famous figures, felt their atmosphere, and became participants in history.

Such a meeting is an opportunity for readers not only to touch the author, but also to hear about the process of creating a book, to feel the complex and almost magical atmosphere that reigns at the literary table.

The meeting lasted for a long time, but it was like a moment for those who were transported to the world of books and unexpectedly found their creator there. People were saying goodbye to the historian-writer, charged with new impressions, with a glow in their eyes and an undisguised desire to return to his works as soon as possible.

The bookstore, a place where different destinies come together, witnessed a meeting that captured the moment of communication and confirmed that words have the power to bring people together, open up new worlds, and preserve our history.

The moderators of the event emphasized that it is for the sake of preserving Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian language, Ukrainian books… – Ukrainian identity – that Ukrainian soldiers are fighting the insidious enemy. The organizers reminded about the Mobile Frontline Hospital project – – run by the Charitable Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine under the leadership of Artem Honcharenko. The mobile hospital has already been transferred to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine since November 2022. The proceeds from each book that is currently being popularized in the Siaivo bookstore are used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine will win. Glory to the Armed Forces! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

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On April 28, UNIT.CITY will host Digital Talks Forum

On April 28, 2023, the Digital Talks Forum will start at 10:00. The event will take place at the UNIT.CITY event space at 3 Dorohozhytska St., Kyiv.
Digital Talks is the largest digital marketing forum. The purpose of the Forum is to develop Ukrainian digital, popularize the Ukrainian market of information products, draw attention to bright and professional personalities in the field of digital and Instagram, and form a strong community of Ukrainian specialists. Digital Talks Forum will allow you to dive deeper into the world of digital and learn about new trends, modern tools and opportunities from experts and practitioners. You can immediately apply these skills and get practical benefits from attending the event.
The forum speakers will be:

Mstyslav Banik, Head of e-Services Development at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Topic: Diia: how to turn a startup into the country’s top service
– What is Diia?
– From a startup to the country’s top service
– Who works on the app and how are new products launched?

Alina Tornahi, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Diia project. She headed the SMM direction of the Ze! team. Topic: How to build and effectively manage a creative team?
⁃ Where to look for talented people and who exactly your brand needs
⁃ Communication within the team: tools and how to find the perfect brief
⁃ Creativity with respect for deadlines or how to keep motivated in a creative environment

Pavlo Oshmyan, has been working with YouTube for 7 years, founder of the digital agency Subscribe agency. Topic: Successful start on YouTube for experts and businesses
– Why experts and businesses need YouTube
– Where to start? What should you do before launching a channel?
– How to make YouTube: technical aspects, ideas, budgets, algorithms, and basic rules
– How to interact with other social networks?
– Top mistakes when working with YouTube
– YouTube monetization (how can experts and businesses make money?)

Bohdan Tymoshchuk, Telegram expert in Ukraine. Owner of one of the largest networks of Ukrainian TG channels. Owner of a news Telegram channel with an audience of over 1 million subscribers. Topic: Telegram channels as a business.
– Development of the Ukrainian market of Telegram channels
– How and how much you can earn on Telegram
– Why it is profitable to develop your Telegram channel now
– How to develop your channels cheaply
– How to recoup investments of $5-15 thousand in 1-2 months

Justyna Mostova and Marusya Derkach, founders of TikTok agency HEEKS, speakers at UN Women and UNICEF, authors of the first Ukrainian-language channel about marketing on TikTok (500K). Topic: How to successfully launch a brand on TikTok in 2023
– How to get into recommendations on a regular basis
– 100% working content formats
– How to sell on TikTok and achieve brand goals
– How to look for content ideas so that they don’t run out

Vlad Prysiazhniuk, Human Chatbot🤖, an ambassador of their implementation in business. People have paid for services and goods worth over UAH 10 million in the developed chatbots. Topic: How chatbots and no-code services will help you in 2023
– Communicate with your audience 24/7.
– Receive payments automatically and avoid wasting money on a manager who is always making mistakes.
– See where you are earning and where you are not, thanks to statistics.
– Automate all processes as much as possible
– View all data in one place instead of a bunch of tables.
– Use these solutions independently without the help of developers.

Online and offline tickets are available.
Also during the Forum, Artem Honcharenko, President of the Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine, will present a large-scale project of the Foundation, Mobile Frontline Hospitals, with the support of the Dynamo Ukraine sports and fitness society, which unites all power and sports structures of Ukraine.
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It is planned to build an IT campus for representatives of creative industries in Lviv region, Artem Honcharenko, President of the International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA) and the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine, has said.

“Currently, we are implementing such a project, we have found a site in Lviv region. The legal process will begin soon. We plan to build the first campuses during the summer, where it will be possible to attract foreign partners and IT specialists, creative industries, youth to create a platform for discussion and start-ups,” Honcharenko said during a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.
He clarified that there are already agreements on the allocation of a land plot in Lviv region with an area of 8 hectares. The project provides for construction of campuses no more than five floors, the total area of spaces will be 10,000 square meters.

According to Honcharenko, the campuses of the town will be able to host up to 1,000 participants, and construction of places of temporary residence is also envisaged. In addition, a rehabilitation center as part of the technology park will be designed for 500-600 people.
Previously, the creation of such towns was planned in Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv.
“We postponed construction of such a center in Kharkiv to the post-war period. We will start talking with local authorities about what needs to be taken into account for construction of such a town of creative industries in terms of restoring the city,” the ITTA president said.
“We would like to create not only a place for communication, but also, perhaps, with flexible taxation conditions, with the possibility of entering international markets,” he stressed.
The Ukrainian non-profit organization International Technology Transfer Association ( was founded in 2020, its activities include software development, development of the IT sector in Ukraine. In April 2022, ITTA co-initiated the creation of a charitable foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine to organize and deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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Ukrainian volunteers are faced with the problem of bringing humanitarian aid into the country, representatives of volunteer organizations have said during a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.
“Now there are enough donors on the territory of the European Union who are interested in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but they need the Ukrainian side to take it. Because of this, Ukrainian public organizations refuse humanitarian aid or transfer it to other organizations, as they cannot cover the cost logistics component of the delivery,” Head of the Ukrainian Exporters Club Yevhenia Lytvynova said.

Commenting on the transfer of thermal imagers and quadrocopters to Ukraine, she noted that such goods require a letter of guarantee from the end user, the author of which can only be a military command body of the Ministry of Defense or another military formation.
In turn, Head of the International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA) Artem Honcharenko said that the Ukrainian army today needs medicines, in particular hemostatic drugs, as well as drugs against ulcers, diarrhea, dysbacteriosis, and a runny nose.
He stressed that there is currently a strong demand for anthelmintic drugs, flea, tick, mosquito and antifungal drugs. In addition, the Ukrainian army requires basic medicines such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, as well as syringes, bandages and elastic bandages.
In turn, Director of the Center of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine Ivan Perehinets announced plans to create an international fund Ukraine to finance the construction of houses for people who lost their homes due to the Russian invasion.
“More than a million families were left without housing… We are now in the process of registering the Ukraine International Construction Fund, which will deal with the construction of houses,” Perehinets said.
In turn, Head of the International Relations Department of Kontramarka Help Oleksiy Honcharov announced plans to purchase a mobile field hospital.
“We are currently working on a mobile hospital that can drive close enough to the front line, deploy in a matter of minutes and provide full first aid,” Honcharov said.
According to him, such a field hospital was found in Turkey and funds are being collected for its subsequent purchase. The hospital is partly financed by charitable contributions from concerts held, most organized with the support of Kontramarka.
President of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils Serhiy Chernov said that on February 15, based on information from foreign colleagues and Ukrainian intelligence, the association decided to create a coordination center to assist local governments in providing humanitarian assistance, studying all possible consequences of hostilities, and working with religious denominations and preparation of documents “on the destruction caused by the Russian Federation, as well as compensation for losses.”
Restaurateur and volunteer Maryan Burmylo announced cooperation with the United States. “Ukrainian volunteers from California organized charitable assistance to medical institutions in Ukraine. Odesa residents Natalia Hryschenko and Oleksiy Buyadzhy (UkrainCA public initiative), with the help of the Mission to Ukraine team, arranged the supply of medicines at the expense of American funds of Cincinnati and Baltimore – sister cities of Ukrainian Kharkiv and Odesa. Aid in the form of the supply of surgical kits is provided by the International Surgical Health Initiative (ISHI, the USA),” he said.

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