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Registrations of electric vehicles in Ukraine in July increased by almost 12%

Primary registrations of electric vehicles in Ukraine in July 2023 increased by almost 11.5% year-on-year and twice as much as in July last year – up to 3,464 units, including 586 new and 2,878 used, Ukravtoprom reported in its Telegram channel.

The lion’s share of registrations is still occupied by passenger cars – 3389 units (including 581 new and 2808 used), commercial vehicles registered 75 units (including five new ones).

The top five new electric cars on the market in July were Volkswagen ID.4 – 214 units; Volkswagen ID.6 – 44 units; FAW Toyota BZ4X – 38 units; Honda E – 36 units and Dongfeng/Honda M-NV – 32 units.

The top five among used cars were formed by Nissan Leaf – 535 units; Volkswagen e-Golf – 394 units; Tesla Model 3 – 289 units; Tesla Model Y – 190 units and Renault Zoe – 155 units.

According to the Association, in January-July of this year, more than 16 thousand units of battery-powered vehicles passed the first registration in Ukraine, which is almost three times more than in the same period last year.

Earlier the Ukrainian market of electric cars (new and used) was analyzed by the Federation of Automobile Industry (FAU) based on the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (primary registrations and registrations imported from abroad under the customs certificate or cargo customs declaration (GTE).

According to these data, 3,260 electric passenger cars were registered in July, marking a new record of registrations per month, exceeding the June-2023 figure by 3.3% and the July-2022 figure by double.

In total, in January-July, registrations of such cars grew 2.8 times to the same period of 2022 – up to 15.932 thousand units, exceeding the figure for the whole of last year.

At the same time, the share of new cars increased to 21.4% compared to 16.6% in January-July last year.

The top five leaders in the segment of passenger electric cars at the end of seven months were Volkswagen – 24.5% of the market (+1 position compared to seven months of 2022), Tesla – 18.3% (+1 position), Nissan – 16.3% (-2), Honda – 7.7% (+2) and Renault – 5.1% (-1).

At the same time, Volkswagen registrations increased almost fourfold, Tesla – 3.3 times, Nissan – 2.3 times, Honda – 4.7 times, Renault – 2.1 times.

As reported, according to Ukravtoprom, Ukrainians in 2022 purchased 13.6 thousand electric cars (new and used) – 1.5 times more than a year earlier, with the share of new cars increased to 17% from 14%.


Registrations of imported used foreign cars in Ukraine in July fell by almost half compared to June

In July of this year, 45.8 thousand used cars were added to the Ukrainian car fleet, which is 16% less than in July last year, and also 46% less than in June this year (the last month of preferential customs clearance) .
According to the information of the association “Ukravtoprom” in the Telegram channel, the lion’s share (75%) were registrations of cars older than 10 years, 15% – from 6 to 10 years, 10% – under 5 years old.
Most used cars in July were issued in the Lviv region (14% of the total), Volyn registration received 11% of cars, the third result was in the Rivne region – 8% of registrations.
Most often, Volkswagen cars are still registered, with 2.8 thousand used Volkswagen Passats and 2.7 thousand used Volkswagen Golfs registered in July. They are followed by Renault Megane – 2.2 thousand units, Skoda Octavia – 1.7 thousand units, Ford Focus – 1.3 thousand units.
In total, according to Ukravtoprom, in January-July, 310.2 thousand used cars were registered in Ukraine, which is almost a quarter more than in the same period last year.
According to the State Customs Service, given in the message, for the entire period of benefits (April-June 2022), almost 237 thousand vehicles were imported into Ukraine, including 9.272 thousand cars in July, of which 9.249 thousand were used.
As reported, the initial registration of new passenger cars in January-July amounted to 21.5 thousand units. – 63% less than a year earlier, including 3,648 thousand cars registered in July – 63% less than in July 2021, but 26% more than in June 2022.

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Registration of new and used electric vehicles in Ukraine in January-June 2021 increased by 5% compared to the same period in 2020, to 3,550 units, including 89.7% of registrations accounted for used vehicles, the Federation of Automotive Industry of Ukraine has said.
According to a post on its website based on data from the Interior Ministry, in the second quarter, the number of registrations (primary plus cars imported from abroad with a customs certificate) increased by 14% compared to the first quarter of this year and by 7% – with the second quarter of last year, up to 1,891 units.
According to the graphic data provided in the report, the most frequently registered cars were those manufactured in 2017 (824 units), 2018 (502 units) and 2019 (454 units), and cars of 2021 with 154 units.
At the same time, a lot of cars registered were produced in 2016 (376 units), 2015 (264 units), 2014 and 2013 (253 units and 255 units, respectively) and 2020 (316 units).
In the first half of the year, the top three brands remained unchanged – Nissan, Tesla and Chevrolet.
However, if Nissan registrations decreased by 14%, to 994 units, Tesla lost 24% – to 688 units, then Chevrolet tripled sales – to 542 cars, and the Chevrolet Bolt EV model became the second most popular model in Ukraine after Nissan Leaf.



Initial registrations of new commercial vehicles (including heavy trucks) in Ukraine in March doubled compared to the same month of 2020, to 1,155 vehicles, and in general, 2,820 vehicles were registered in January-March, or almost a third more than in the first quarter of last year, according to the Ukrautoprom association.
According to the association’s website, the March result was the best since the beginning of this year – 901 vehicles were registered in January, and 765 new commercial vehicles in February.
At the same time, as reported, in March 2020, the demand for commercial vehicles decreased by 41% compared to March 2019, to 568 vehicles, since after the introduction of quarantine in the country (from March 12) to March 27, service centers of Internal Ministry did not register new commercial vehicles.
According to the report, in March of this year (as well as a year earlier) the best result of the month was demonstrated by French Renault, which increased sales by 17%, to 143 vehicles.
Fiat retained its second place, adding 27% in sales to 136 vehicles. The third place is taken by Peugeot, 119 vehicles and an increase of 2.2 times.
The fourth place, as in March 2020, is taken by Ford, the registrations of vehicles of this brand increased by almost 1.6 times, to 92 vehicles.
Belarusian MAZ closes the top-five in March (in March 2020 it rolled back to the eighth place), and has quadrupled sales to 87 trucks.
Citroen has significantly increased registrations compared to March 2020 (some 2.3 times, to 78 vehicles), MAN (3 times, to 53 vehicles), and Scania (2.5 times, to 42 vehicles).
Chinese brands continue to increase registrations: HOWO – to 31 vehicles versus one in March 2020, JAC – 16 versus four, and Dong Feng – 16 units versus none.
The association also cites statistics on sales of buses (including micro ones) in March, which demonstrates the opposite trend: the sales decreased by 63.3% versus March 2020 and by 11.7% versus February 2021, to 106 buses, primarily due to the reduction of registrations of the leading brand Citroen by 64.4%, to 53 buses.
The second place is taken by Ford (15 buses versus 12 in March 2020), the third by Hyundai (eight buses against four), and the fourth by Ukrainian Etalon (five buses). There are no Ukrainian Bogdan and ZAZ in the rating, and only three of Ataman buses are registered.
Russian brands continue to be registered – PAZ (five units), and UAZ (five units).

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The primary registrations of imported used cars in Ukraine in January-June 2019 totaled 250,100, which is almost six times more than a year ago, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
The Volkswagen brand remains the leader of registrations in the first six months of 2019 (48,793), Opel is in the second position (24,414), Audi is third (19,072), Renault is fourth (18,822), and Skoda is fifth (17,766.).
According to the association, in June, the Ukrainians registered 19,200 imported used cars, which was the lowest since the beginning of the year, but compared to June last year, registration increased 2.2-fold.
Cars aged from 5 to 10 accounted for the largest share in the registrations of used imported cars – 46%. Cars older than 10 years covered 35% of the June market, the remaining 19% were cars under the age of five years.
The most popular Volkswagen brand registered 2,960 vehicles last month, followed by Skoda (1,742), Renault (1,588), Ford (1,393) and Opel (1,321).

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The market of new commercial vehicles in Ukraine (including heavy) in January-October 2018 increased by 13% compared to the same period in 2017, to 10,500 units, the Ukrautoprom association has reported. Thus, according to the results of 10 months, the market slightly slowed down the growth rates (in January-June, in particular, it was 24%). In October, the registration of these vehicles showed an increase both compared with the same month in 2017 (by 10%) and compared with September of the current year (by 13.1%), to 1,105 units. In September 2018, there was a drop respectively by 0.5% compared with September 2017 and by 12.5% compared with August 2018, to 977 units.
The greatest demand in the October market was still on Renault vehicles, which were registered 9% more than in October 2017 (163 vehicles).
Fiat ranked second with 121 registrations, a 7% increase from last year’s October figure, while Citroen closed the top three with a more than threefold increase, to 103 units.
Mercedes-Benz with a 40% increase and registration of 91 vehicles was in the fourth position, and Volkswagen was fifth, which increased sales by 56%, to 75 units.
The Belarusian MAZ came next with the registration of 73 vehicles and an increase of more than 43% compared with October last year.
Ukrainian brands ZAZ and KrAZ were respectively the 14th and 17th of the October rating with registration of 21 vehicles (against 12 in October last year) and 17 vehicles (against 35).

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