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Demand for used foreign cars imported to Ukraine increased by 45% – Ukravtoprom

In January, almost 16.7 thousand used cars imported from abroad joined the Ukrainian car fleet, which is 45% more than in the same month of 2023, Ukravtoprom reported on its telegram channel.

According to the association, almost 4.4 thousand new passenger cars were registered in January 2024 (an increase of 47%).

The largest share in the segment of used foreign cars last month, as before, belonged to gasoline cars – 46%. This is followed by diesel cars – 29%; electric cars – 16%; cars with LPG – 5%; hybrids – 4%.

Volkswagen Golf remains the leader in registrations among imported second-hand cars with 948 registrations.

The top ten most popular models also include: Renault Megane – 759 units; Skoda Octavia – 669 units; Volkswagen Passat – 599 units; Volkswagen Tiguan – 396 units; Nissan Leaf – 355 units; Audi A4 – 347 units; Audi Q5 – 334 units; Nissan Rogue – 330 units and Tesla Model 3 – 309 units.

The average age of used cars that switched to Ukrainian license plates in January is 9.8 years.

As reported, in January 2023, the demand for used foreign cars in Ukraine decreased by 2.8 times compared to January 2022 – to 11.5 thousand units, with Renault Megan leading the way with 926 cars.

For the whole of last year, registrations of such cars decreased by 45% year-on-year to 214.4 thousand units.

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Ukraine imported 670 thousand generators in year

Ukraine imported 669.4 thousand generators in 2022, MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak (Golos faction) said.
“Of these, 643.8 thousand generators were imported by enterprises, 25.5 thousand were imported by citizens (about 4% of the total),” he wrote in his Telegram Channel on Friday.
According to Zheleznyak, almost half of the generators were imported in December – 309.4 thousand, 52 times more than at the beginning of the year, when just over 6 thousand were imported in January.
The MP noted that demand has steadily increased during the year, although fewer generators were imported in March – 4.6 thou.


Ukraine imported 760,000 tons of oil products in July – Ministry of Economy

Ukraine imported 760,000 tons of oil products in July, First Deputy Minister of Economy Denis Kudin said.
“Ukraine imported approximately 760,000 tons of gasoline, diesel and autogas. This can be compared with imports of the pre-war period,” he said during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada’s finance committee.
As reported with reference to Economy Minister Yuliya Svyridenko, in March 2022 Ukraine imported 60 thousand tons of oil products, in April – 191 thousand tons, in May – 380 thousand tons.
According to her, in June it was planned to increase the import of oil products by 1.6 times compared to May – up to 600 thousand tons. In particular, 2/3 of them should be diesel fuel, 1/3 – gasoline and liquefied gas.


Registrations of imported used foreign cars in Ukraine in July fell by almost half compared to June

In July of this year, 45.8 thousand used cars were added to the Ukrainian car fleet, which is 16% less than in July last year, and also 46% less than in June this year (the last month of preferential customs clearance) .
According to the information of the association “Ukravtoprom” in the Telegram channel, the lion’s share (75%) were registrations of cars older than 10 years, 15% – from 6 to 10 years, 10% – under 5 years old.
Most used cars in July were issued in the Lviv region (14% of the total), Volyn registration received 11% of cars, the third result was in the Rivne region – 8% of registrations.
Most often, Volkswagen cars are still registered, with 2.8 thousand used Volkswagen Passats and 2.7 thousand used Volkswagen Golfs registered in July. They are followed by Renault Megane – 2.2 thousand units, Skoda Octavia – 1.7 thousand units, Ford Focus – 1.3 thousand units.
In total, according to Ukravtoprom, in January-July, 310.2 thousand used cars were registered in Ukraine, which is almost a quarter more than in the same period last year.
According to the State Customs Service, given in the message, for the entire period of benefits (April-June 2022), almost 237 thousand vehicles were imported into Ukraine, including 9.272 thousand cars in July, of which 9.249 thousand were used.
As reported, the initial registration of new passenger cars in January-July amounted to 21.5 thousand units. – 63% less than a year earlier, including 3,648 thousand cars registered in July – 63% less than in July 2021, but 26% more than in June 2022.

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In the first 10 days after the abolition of benefits, Ukrainians cleared 4,600 cars through customs and paid UAH 464 million to the budget, the State Customs Service reported.
“For 10 days of customs clearance of vehicles, almost UAH 464 million was paid to the state budget. From July 1 to July 10, the State Customs Service issued 4,662 units of vehicles purchased abroad with customs payments,” the agency said on the Telegram channel on Tuesday.
As the customs reminded, benefits for the import of goods, including cars, have been canceled since July 1. Thus, at present, imported vehicles are again subject to import duties, and individual entrepreneurs of groups 1-3, who are not VAT payers, must again import goods with VAT.

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Ukrainians imported 211,000 cars from Europe on preferential terms, and the number of imported cars increased by 48,000 in two weeks, Yaroslav Zheleznyak, deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada committee on finance, tax and customs policy, said.
“As of June 27, 211,000 cars entered Ukraine under preferential customs clearance. Over the past 2 weeks, an additional 48,000 cars have been brought in,” he said on the Telegram channel on Monday.
The total amount of the benefits provided amounted to UAH 23.5 billion, he added.
After the news about the abolition of benefits from July 1, as envisaged by the legislative changes adopted by the Parliament, the pace of car imports has increased significantly. On weekdays in June, an average of 4.7 thousand cars are imported per day compared to 3.2 thousand in May, the People’s Deputy specified.
“In fact, it would probably be many times more, the throughput capacity of foreign and our customs limits. To understand, there are now a line of 1000 cars and 9.5 km at the same Budomez-Grushev, the Polish side passes very slowly. At the checkpoint” Yagodin “The queue is generally 40 km,” Zheleznyak pointed out.
“It is also significant that four times more than usual was imported over the weekend. This Saturday, 2,400 cars drove in, although this figure was usually less than 650 cars on weekends,” he added.

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