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Detained MP Viktor Medvedchuk said that he was dealing with the withdrawal from the state ownership of the Samara-Western direction oil pipeline at the request of then-President Petro Poroshenko, coal supplies from LPR / DPR. Of Ukraine.
A statement issued by the SBU on Monday in the agency’s Telegram Channel notes that Medvedchuk, who is suspected of treason and aiding terrorism, told about the scheme of withdrawal from state ownership of the Samara-West direction main oil pipeline for further pumping. him diesel fuel.
“Describing the essence of the scheme, Medvedchuk detailed the role of former President Petro Poroshenko in it. Namely, that he not only asked Medvedchuk to contact the Russian leadership, but also ensured the necessary decisions in all Ukrainian instances,” the statement said.
Referring to Medvedchuk’s words, the Ukrainian secret service reports: “For this pipeline to become private property, and in fact – the property of Poroshenko himself, it was necessary to perform a number of actions… Courts, prosecutors, Antimonopoly Committee, State Property Fund – all of them made decisions personal interests of President Poroshenko “.
Thus, as noted in the SBU, Medvedchuk claims that he dealt with the pipeline at the request of Poroshenko.
“Finally, during the year of operation, the pipeline earned twice as much money for its owners as was invested in its purchase – up to $ 42 million. in the message.
In addition, according to the SBU, Medvedchuk told the details of the agreement in 2014-2015. mechanism for purchasing coal for the needs of Ukraine’s energy sector in the temporarily occupied territories of the so-called “L / DNR”. “In fact, the entire top of the state apparatus was involved, starting with the president and ending with ministers, law enforcement officers and those who directly implemented this scheme,” the SBU said, citing Medvedchuk.
The report states that the suspect named specific names of high-ranking officials involved in harming the interests of the state – former officials, former leadership of the National Bank, MPs and law enforcement officials.
“The security service continues investigative actions with the detainee to establish all the facts, circumstances, organizers and participants in the crimes committed,” the statement said.
The SBU reminds that the Ukrainian special services detained Medvedchuk in April after escaping from house arrest at the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion on February 24.
In 2021, the SBU raised several suspicions against Medvedchuk. He is suspected of treason, aiding a terrorist organization and attempting to plunder national resources in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.
One of the cases concerns the organization of illegal coal supply schemes from the temporarily occupied territories. Fuel was purchased for cash, and thus pro-Russian terrorists financed a total of more than UAH 200 million.
Another criminal case concerns the illegal seizure of Prykarpatzapadtrans LLC by a section of the state oil pipeline worth over UAH 200 million. In February 2021, the National Security and Defense Council returned the pipeline to state ownership.

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Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov said that the operation to detain People’s Deputy of Ukraine, former co-chairman of the Opposition Platform for Life party Viktor Medvedchuk was carried out on behalf of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, according to the telegram channel of the special services on Tuesday evening.
“I thank all the SBU employees, in particular, the investigators and counterintelligence officers of the Ukrainian special services, who, following the instructions of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, proved their professionalism and carried out this lightning-fast and dangerous multi-level special operation to detain MP Medvedchuk for the time being. Not a single traitor will escape punishment and will answer according to the law of Ukraine, to the fullest extent, for all the crimes that his personal actions led to, including,” Bakanov said.
The SBU message is illustrated with a photograph of Medvedchuk in camouflage uniform and handcuffed. It also contains text that reads: “You can be a pro-Russian politician and work for an aggressor state for years. You can be a fugitive lately. You can even wear a Ukrainian military uniform to disguise. But will it help you get away from punishment? “Handcuffs are waiting for you. And traitors to Ukraine like you! Pro-Russian traitors and agents of the Russian special services, remember – your crimes have no statute of limitations. And shelter, wherever we find you!”
Earlier, on Tuesday evening, a photograph of Medvedchuk in military uniform and handcuffs appeared on the Telegram channel of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It was accompanied by the text “A special operation was carried out thanks to the SBU. Well done! Details later.”

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At a hearing on January 20, 2021, the Pechersky District Court of the Kyiv granted a petition of Ihor Kolomoisky in the case of a businessman’s claim against PrivatBank and other persons for humiliation of his honor and dignity and allowed him to demand the results of independent investigation by the detective agency Kroll Associates UK Limited from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU).
According to a report in the unified public register of court rulings, the results include a printed report of financial forensic investigation and 15 annexes to it. The documents must be provided to the court before February 15.
Teamtrend Ltd., Trade Point Agro Ltd., Collyer Ltd., Rossyn Investing Corp., Milbert Ventures Inc. and Ukrtransitservices Ltd., which are allegedly owned or controlled by Kolomoisky and Hennadiy Boholiubov, joined the respective petition.
At the same time, the Kyiv court of appeals on January 21, 2021 overturned the decision of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv made on August 20, 2020 to protect the honor, dignity and business reputation of Kolomoisky and refute the information disseminated by Anders Aslund, former senior fellow at the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics (the United States) at the Yalta European Strategy economic forum in 2019.
The subject of the dispute, as indicated in the text of the document, was the following words: “The President should not meet with Kolomoisky. Only in court is it necessary to meet with the man who stole $5.5 billion…” and “…why is he not being tried?.. why is there no criminal case against the thief?.. because the thief stole too much?”
According to the National Bank of Ukraine, as of October 1, 2020, PrivatBank ranked first in terms of total assets (UAH 600.15 billion) among 74 banks operating in the country.

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The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) under the procedural direction of the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) have detained Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) of Ukraine Yuriy Hrymchak and his assistant for soliciting a $1.1 million bribe.
As reported on Wednesday on the NABU Facebook page, the deputy minister and his assistant were exposed and detained on suspicion of committing a crime under Part 4 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud committed in respect of an especially gross amount, or by an organized group).
“The indicated persons, allegedly for exerting influence on decision-making by persons authorized to fulfill the functions of the state, demanded unlawful benefit from the representative of a legal entity in the total amount of $ 1.1 million,” the NABU reported.
According to the bureau, the official and his assistant were caught red-handed while receiving part of the funds in the amount of $480,000.
The SBU press center on a Facebook page said that the criminal proceedings are being investigated by a joint investigation team consisting of representatives of the NABU, SBU and prosecutors of the process management department of the procedural management department in criminal proceedings on crimes of a special category of the PGO.
Earlier that day, the SBU press service reported that Hrymchak’s home was being raided.

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