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“Metinvest presented its annual report on its operations

According to Metinvest Group’s annual report, in 2023 Metinvest’s revenue decreased by 11% to $7.397 bln by 2022, mainly due to lower steel, iron ore and coking coal selling prices, which were in line with global rates. Also, sales volumes of pig iron, slabs, flat and tubular products were affected by the war from the suspension of production at Mariupol steel mills. At the same time, Metinvest increased shipments of other products in its portfolio (primarily billets by 6%, long products by 28%, pellets by 70% and coking coal concentrate by 32%), as well as steel and coke resales on the back of higher production at Zaporizhstal.

A significant factor supporting iron ore sales in H2 2023 was the opening of the Black Sea corridor for sales to distant markets.

Also, Metinvest’s revenue in Ukraine grew by 14% to $2.628 bln mainly due to a recovery in demand for iron ore and coking coal, as well as for flat and long products.

In turn, the group has had to make profound changes to its business operations as it continues to strive for adaptability and resilience.

“We have adjusted our supply chain and are strengthening relationships with our suppliers and customers to withstand the current conditions. At the beginning of 2023, the company experienced significant challenges, particularly due to power outages. However, by implementing the necessary changes to respond to this crisis, we were able to achieve a gradual recovery of production,” states the CEO.

He emphasized that the resumption of Ukrainian commercial shipping in the Black Sea later in 2023 was an important moment for Metinvest, allowing to increase capacity utilization. “We are cautiously optimistic about this undoubtedly positive development, while recognizing the ongoing military threats,” the top manager added.

According to him, these developments have directly impacted the group’s financial performance, improving the situation and allowing us to focus on operational efficiency, flexibility and strategic planning for future growth.

“Metinvest remains committed to servicing its debt obligations, having repaid the remaining principal amount of the group’s 2023 bonds redeemed last year on time and in full, while maintaining its deleveraging approach, Ryzhenkov said.

“Although Metinvest has focused its investments in 2023 mainly on maintaining its assets, I firmly believe that we must start preparing for the future. Our ambitions have not diminished; we have laid the foundation for Steel Dream, our visionary vision for rebuilding Ukraine. Despite the war, our commitment to a green transformation strategy also remains unchanged. This vision embodies our determination not only to dream, but also to plan a pilot project on low-carbon steel technology in Italy,” summarized the CEO.

“Metinvest consists of mining and metallurgical enterprises located in Ukraine, Europe and the United States. Its major shareholders are SCM Group (71.24%) and Smart Holding (23.76%), jointly managing it.

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