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Cygnet agro company has completed sowing spring crops on 26.5 thousand hectares

Cygnet has completed sowing spring crops on 26.5 thousand hectares, the company’s press service reported on Facebook.

According to the report, Cygnet has allocated 16.2 thousand hectares for corn, 4.9 thousand hectares for soybeans and 1.0 thousand hectares for sunflowers in 2024. The area of sugar beet sowing was expanded to 4.4 thousand hectares. Another 2.2 thousand hectares are occupied by winter wheat.

“The sowing campaign started on March 30 with the sowing of sugar beets, and ended on May 16, when we finished sowing soybeans. We could have done it 10-14 days earlier, but the rains stopped us and delayed the sowing dates. In general, all worked well, there were no serious breakdowns of equipment. And if there were small ones – literally up to four hours of time and everything was repaired. And the productivity of work, despite the weather conditions, this year we had a very high, “- said Deputy General Director for crop production Alexander Shramko.

As reported, in 2023 Cygnet grew corn on 16 thousand hectares, sunflower – 3 thousand hectares, soybean – 1.7 thousand hectares, sugar beet – 4 thousand hectares, 2.5 thousand hectares were sown with winter wheat.

Cygnet cultivates about 29 thousand hectares in Zhytomyr and Vinnitsa regions, where it grows corn, soybean, winter wheat, sugar beet. The company’s assets include an elevator with a capacity of 60 thousand tons of one-time storage and a sugar factory with a processing capacity of up to 2.8 thousand tons of sugar beet per day (both in Zhytomyr region).

The company also has a dairy business (dairy herd – 605 cows), the products of which are sold to local processors.



Farmers sowed 2.05 mln hectares of spring crops

As of April 18, Ukraine planted 2.053 million hectares with spring grains and legumes, up 42.6% year-on-year, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reported on Friday.
According to the report, 204.7 thousand hectares were planted with wheat (173.9 thousand hectares a week earlier), 741.5 thousand hectares with barley (683.4 thousand hectares), 157 thousand hectares with peas (147.7 thousand hectares), and 136.6 thousand hectares with oats (117 thousand hectares).
Last week, Ukrainian farmers sowed grains and pulses on the area of 792.6 thou hectares. A week earlier, this figure was 408.6 thou hectares, and 375.4 thou hectares the week before.
According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Kyiv region is the leader in terms of sowing, having planted 27.1 thou hectares of wheat, 40.1 thou hectares of barley, 4.8 thou hectares of peas and 4.3 thou hectares of oats; Ternopil region has planted 18.9 thou hectares of wheat, 63.3 thou hectares of barley and 4.3 thou hectares of oats. hectares of wheat, 63.6 thousand hectares of barley, 3.6 thousand hectares of peas and 5.1 thousand hectares of oats; Khmelnytsky – 18.9 thousand hectares of oats; Khmelnytsky – 3.8 thousand hectares of oats; Khmelnytsky – 3.3 thousand hectares of peas and 5.1 thousand hectares of oats. Khmelnytsky – on 14.8 thousand hectares of wheat, 59.1 thousand hectares of barley, 2.6 thousand hectares of peas and 2.5 thousand hectares of oats; Zhytomyr – on 14.5 thousand hectares of wheat, 16.6 thousand hectares of barley, 2.8 thousand hectares of peas and 2.5 thousand hectares of oats; Zhytomyr – on 14.5 thousand hectares of wheat, 16.6 thousand hectares of barley, 2.8 thousand hectares of peas and 2.5 thousand hectares of oats. Zhytomyr – on 14.5 thou hectares of wheat, 16.6 thou hectares of barley, 2.8 thou hectares of peas and 20.1 thou hectares of oats; Vinnytsia – on 11.5 thou hectares of wheat, 55 thou hectares of barley, 6 thou hectares of peas and 1.1 thou hectares of oats.
Sunflower was sown on 1.395 mln ha (470.1 thou ha a week earlier). In 15 regions, soybeans are being sown, with 116.3 thousand hectares already covered. Sugar beet has been planted on 223.7 thou hectares. In Vinnytsia, Poltava, Khmelnytsky, and Chernihiv regions, early sugar beet sowing has been completed.
Sowing of buckwheat and millet has begun in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Khmelnytsky, Kherson and Chernihiv regions.
According to the April forecast of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in 2024, the country’s gross production of grains and oilseeds is expected to reach 74 million tons, including about 52.4 million tons of grains and 21.7 million tons of oilseeds.
In 2024, farmers will be able to harvest 19.2 million tons of wheat (22.2 million tons in 2023), 4.9 million tons of barley (5.7 million tons), 26.7 million tons of corn (30.5 million tons), 5.2 million tons of soybeans (4.7 million tons), 12.4 million tons of sunflower (12.9 million tons), and 4.1 million tons of rapeseed (4.7 million tons).
In 2024, the planted areas of grains and pulses are forecasted at 10.6 mln ha, which is 395 thou ha lower than in 2023.


“Astarta” harvested 330 thousand tons of winter and spring crops in season-2023

Agro-industrial holding Astarta, the largest sugar producer in the country, has completed harvesting of early grain crops on the area of 57 thousand hectares and harvested 330 thousand tons of total winter and spring crops, including 271 thousand tons of winter wheat and 56 thousand tons of rape, the press service of the agricultural holding reported.

According to the report, the average yield of winter wheat amounted to 6.3 tons/ha, which is 33% higher than last year’s figures. The maximum average yield was obtained by agrofirm “Khmelnytske” of Vinnitsa region – 7.4 t/ha on the area of 6000 hectares, and on the area of 1350 hectares the yield reached 8.4 t/ha.

In addition, the enterprises of the agricultural holding threshed 56 thousand tons of winter rape, with a record average yield for the last five years – 4.1 t/ha. The maximum indicator of over 5 tons per hectare on the area of 1310 hectares was obtained on the fields of agrofirm “Poltavazernoprodukt” in Poltava region.

Agroholding also in early August began sowing campaign of winter crops for the harvest of 2024. 12 thousand hectares are allocated for rape, the sowing of which is already being completed, and 54 thousand hectares for winter wheat.

Preparations for harvesting soybeans, sunflower, corn, and sugar beets continue.

“Astarta” is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding operating in eight regions of Ukraine. It includes six sugar factories, agricultural farms with a land bank of 220 thousand hectares and dairy farms with 22 thousand cattle, an oil extraction plant in Globino (Poltava region), seven elevators and a biogas complex.

In the first half of 2023, Astarta’s revenue from sales of key products increased by 64.8% year-on-year to UAH 10.72 bln. The main contribution was made by sales of sugar – UAH 3.27 bln, which increased by 75.5%, corn – UAH 2.66 bln (+53.2%) and soybean meal – UAH 1.96 bln (+84.5%).

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Ukraine has sown 7% of planned spring crops

Ukrainian farmers sowed 101.9 thousand hectares of grain and legumes last week, compared to 120.5 thousand hectares the previous week and 207.3 thousand hectares the week before, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy reported on Friday.

According to the Ministry, the area under spring grains and pulses reached 722.4 thou hectares, or 7% of the planned 10.24 mln ha for 2023.

As noted, the pace of sowing is significantly lower than a year earlier, when as of April 8, 1.94 million hectares of land were sown with major crops, which was 14.4% of the 13.44 million hectares planned for sowing.

It is noted that since the beginning of the sowing campaign, spring wheat plantings have reached 142.8 thousand hectares (126.7 thousand hectares a week earlier), spring barley – 436 thousand hectares (376.6 thousand hectares), peas – 84.7 thousand hectares (73.1 thousand hectares) and oats – 53.6 thousand hectares (41.3 thousand hectares), millet – 0.7 thousand hectares (0.2 thousand hectares).

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the leaders in field work with grains and legumes are farmers of Volyn region – 19 thou hectares. It adds that sugar beet sowing has started in Vinnytsia, Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Cherkasy regions, and the sown area reached 32.7 thou hectares (25.6 thou hectares a week earlier).

Sunflower is being sown by farmers in Mykolaiv, Odesa, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, where the planted areas reached 37.2 thou hectares (21 thou hectares a week earlier).

Corn sowing has started in Sumy region, with the area under the crop reaching 0.7 thou hectares.

According to the Ministry’s forecast, in 2023, the area under grains and pulses will amount to 10.24 mln ha, down 1.4 mln ha from 2022. The area under the main oilseeds may be increased, in particular, under sunflower – 5.64 mln ha (+ 476 thsd ha), rapeseed – 1.37 mln ha (+ 110 thsd ha), soybeans – 1.84 mln ha (+ 334 thsd ha). At the same time, the sugar beet area is expected to recover to the pre-war level – up to 220 thou hectares, compared to 180 thou hectares in 2022 and 226 thou hectares in 2021.

Ukraine plans to sow spring crops on 5.7 mln hectares

The forecasted areas of sowing main spring crops for the harvest of 2023 on the territory controlled by Ukraine as of March 9, 2023, is 5.7 million hectares, which is 206.5 thousand hectares, or 3.4% less than last year.
As reported on the website of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food on Friday, in Ukraine spring grain and leguminous crops have already been sown 16.1 thousand hectares, or 0.2% of the planned volume.
The Ministry specified that by March 9, only Odesa region started sowing spring crops, while on the same date last year in Ukraine has not yet started sowing. Thus, all categories of farms in the region sowed 16.1 thousand hectares of cereals and leguminous crops, including 6.7 thousand hectares of spring wheat, 5.9 thousand hectares of spring barley and 3.5 thousand hectares of peas.
As reported, during sowing season 2022, Ukraine sowed 14.16 million hectares of major crops, which is 83.7% of the 2021 level of 16.92 million hectares. Overall, 95% of the planned areas were sown in conditions of full-scale Russian invasion.


Ukraine will be able to sow approximately 14.2 million hectares in the course of spring field work this season. agricultural land, which is 80% of last year’s figure of 16.9 million hectares, the reduction in sown area is caused by the invasion of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation and the temporary occupation of part of the country’s territory.
The relevant data was announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal before a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday.
“As of April 18, the projected sown area of the main spring crops in the controlled area is 14.2 million hectares. This is 2.7 million hectares less than last year. That is, in fact, we will sow more than 80% this year last year’s areas with spring crops,” the Prime Minister stressed.
Previously, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food estimated the area under spring crops in 2022 at 13.44 million hectares, compared with 16.92 million hectares in 2021.
As reported, in mid-March, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Rostyslav Shurma said that Ukraine’s goal in 2022 is to harvest at least 70% of last year’s volumes.
Taras Vysotsky, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy, gave a similar assessment – he estimated the areas that Ukraine will be able to sow with spring crops in 2022 at a level of at least 70% of the 2021 figures. At the same time, about 10% of the sown areas may remain unused due to the risk of their being mined by Russian invaders or the resumption of hostilities nearby.

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