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The Spanish retail operator Inditex Group will open seven new stores of the chain with a total area of 7,400 square meters in the River Mall trade center at 12 Dniprovska Embankment in Darnytsky district of Kyiv.
According to the press service of the shopping center, the new facilities include the country’s largest two-storey Zara store with an area of 3,500 square meters, Zara Home (529 sq m), Massimo Dutti (678 sq m), Pull & Bear (798 sq m), Oysho (408 sq m), Bershka (932 sq m), and Stradivarius (557 sq m).
In general, by the end of 2018, Inditex Group had 65 stores in Ukraine, in particular, such brands as Pull & Bear (14), Zara (9), Zara Home (2), Massimo Dutti (6), Bershka (14), Stradivarius (12), Oysho (7), and Uterque (1).
As reported, Inditex plans to launch online sales of the Zara brand in Ukraine in the fall and winter of 2019.
According to the company’s report, the pretax profit of Inditex in the country in 2018 amounted to EUR28 million.
Inditex Group was founded in 1963. It unites more than 7,000 stores in 91 countries under the brands Zara, Zara Home, Oysho, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, and Uterque.
In Ukraine, Inditex Group has been represented since 2008. At the end of 2016, Inditex presented its first Uterque brand store in the Ukrainian market in the Gulliver trade center.

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DCH Infrastructure and Real Estate (DCH I&RE), part of businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group, is negotiating with Sweden’s retailer H&M on the opening of stores in regional shopping and entertainment centers Karavan in Kharkiv and Dnipro.
DCH I&RE CEO Daniil Vladov said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine that it is inexpedient to attract H&M store to the Karavan mall in Kyiv, as the mall will be gradually reformatted into an outlet center.
“The H&M brand does not enter the outlet format. At the moment, they do not need this format, and they do not have it as such. We are negotiating with them, and I think they will enter our regional projects in Kharkiv and Dnipro,” Vladov said, commenting on a possibility of attracting H&M to the pool of the new outlet center as a result of changing the concept of the Karavan shopping and entertainment center in Kyiv.
DCH Infrastructure and Real Estate plans on June 1, 2019 to partially close the Karavan shopping and entertainment center in Kyiv located at 12, Luhova Street for a phased reformatting of the facility into an outlet center.
DCH Infrastructure & Real Estate is the management company of the Karavan retail and entertainment centers network in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. It functions as the development division of the DCH Group of Yaroslavsky, whose range of investment interests includes construction and development, finance, industry, mining, engineering, metallurgy, transport, and other spheres.

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Adidas-Ukraine has rented 600 square meters of space for two stores in the River Mall shopping and entertainment center being under construction in Darnytsky district in Kyiv.
The press service of the River Mall trade and entertainment center told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency the Adidas shop will be almost 412 square meters, the Reebok store will occupy 186 square meters.
Both stores will open in new concepts for Ukraine: the design of the Adidas store will be in accordance with the concept of Stadium, and Reebok in the FitHib 2.0. concept that is new for Europe.
The facilities will be located on the second floor of the River Mall shopping center in the area of sporting goods and panoramic elevators.
“The range of goods in the stores will include modern sportswear for professional sports and outdoor activities, a total of more than 300 items,” the company said.
Adidas-Ukraine was founded in 1996. It is engaged in the sale of goods for sports.
The owner of the company is Adidas AG (Germany).
The opening of the River Mall trade enter is scheduled for May 2019. The anchor tenants will be Inditex Group stores, a Silpo supermarket chain, a Planeta Kino cinema with IMAX, and a Papashon entertainment center. The specifics of the project will be a food court and an event area with an open terrace and a view of the Dnipro River.

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Argo-Trade Network LLC (ARGO, Kyiv) has rented about 800 square meters for six fashionable mono-brand stores, including Scotch & Soda, Liu Jo, Lee Cooper, Penti, OVS Kids and Parfois, in the River Mall shopping and entertainment center being under construction in Darnytsky district of the capital.
The press service of River Mall told Interfax-Ukraine the Scotch & Soda store will occupy 180 square meters, Liu Jo 162 square meters, Lee Cooper 105 square meters, Penti some 74 square meters, OVS Kids 180 square meters, and Parfois 96 square meters.
All stores of these brands will be presented in Darnytsky district for the first time.
“The River Mall shopping and entertainment center is the first high-class shopping center in Darnytsky district in Kyiv, which makes popular European brands of the ARGO group accessible to the residents of this district,” representatives of the distribution network noted.
As reported, ARGO brought the Italian premium brand Liu Jo and the Dutch brand Scotch & Soda to the Ukrainian market in 2018. The stores of these brands in the River Mall shopping mall will be the third in each of the network.

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JYSK Ukraine LLC (Kyiv), developing the furniture and home goods store chain in Ukraine of the JYSK Group (Denmark), on March 7, 2019 opened six stores in Zhytomyr, Dnipro, Kherson, Odesa and Kyiv after their restyling and plans to launch the XL format store in Kyiv’s Retroville shopping and entertainment center.
“We have a standard store format of 1,000 square meters of retail space and 200 square meters of warehouse space. We also have a city format of 500 square meters. It works in other markets, but we do not bring it in Ukraine yet, since we have enough space for the development of the main format. And we have XL format of about 2,000 square meters. It allows us to expose furniture, including from the online assortment, which we cannot put in the usual format. In the Retroville shopping and entertainment center, we plan to open the XL format,” Executive Director of JYSK in Ukraine Yevhen Ivanitsa told at a press conference in Kyiv.
According to him, the company has completely updated the JYSK stores in the Ukraine Department Store shopping mall in Kyiv and the Fontan Sky center in Odesa in accordance with the new concept 3.0. The retail area of the stores will be the same: 903 square meters and 982 square meters respectively, while the interior design is completely changed.
In addition, the retailer overhauled four stores: the Poliarny shopping center (Kyiv), the Global.UA shopping center (Zhytomyr), in Sicheslavska Naberezhna Street (Dnipro), and SEC Factory (Kherson).
“We are planning to open the next store in Kamianets-Podilsky, as we continue to go to the regions. We are opening the second store in Chernihiv, a store in the Dream Town shopping center in May. It will be the 50th store in Ukraine. We also have a lease agreement with Kyiv shopping centers Retroville and Novus (on Zdolbunivska Street),” Ivanitsa said.
At the same time, he said that the share of online sales of JYSK in Ukraine, including the order online and pick up service, is more than 10%.
In general, the company intends to maintain the pace of opening stores in Ukraine and launch 12 new facilities this fiscal year, and in four fiscal years to increase the network to 100 stores.

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Sweden’s IKEA company, the largest furniture and household goods retailer in the world, plans to open stores in Ukraine, including large ones (30,00 square meters) in the future shopping and entertainment centers of Mandarin Plaza, the founder of the company Vagif Aliyev has said. “We have been negotiating with H&M and with IKEA for 16 years… After [the store with an area of] 5,000 square meters [the opening in the Ocean Mall shopping center of which is scheduled for the end of 2019], we will open IKEA [stores with an area of] 30,000 square meters throughout Kyiv in our large shopping and entertainment centers,” Aliyev, who creates a network of 10 shopping and entertainment centers, said at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday.
According to him, after the construction of the Ocean Mall shopping center and the Blockbuster Mall shopping center is completed, the developer intends to start implementing the Lesnaya shopping mall (opening in 2020) and the Hippodrome (Yuzhny) shopping and entertainment center, where IKEA can also be opened.
Aliyev said that three or four stores of the Swedish retailer in his mall will have 5,000-7,000 square meters, another three – 30,000 square meters. At the same time, he said that IKEA will not be opened at the Lavina Mall shopping center and the Blockbuster Mall shopping center.
In turn, the representative of IKEA South-East Europe Vladyslav Lalich neither confirmed nor refuted the words of the developer, saying only that the company “really plans to stay in Ukraine for a long time, but develop step by step.”
“We want to combine the opening ceremony of our first IKEA store with the opening of the Ocean Mall shopping center at the end of summer next year. At the time of opening, the store will have 3,600 SKU (product names), but their number will double in half a year,” Lalich said.

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