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PJSC Centravis Production Ukraine (Centravis Production Ukraine), which is part of the Centravis Ltd. holding, after quality approval, supplied stainless steel pipes of the German companies Buhlmann and Bilfinger, intended for use in the nuclear industry.
According to a press release from the company on Wednesday, the pipe acceptance procedure was carried out in Germany.
It is noted that the Buhlmann group of companies is a premium company selling steel pipes, pipe fittings and accessories worldwide, and Bilfinger is a European company specializing in civil and industrial construction, design, services, located in Germany.
“Final inspection of the last lines of the Hinkley Point C BOP order has been completed. Hinkley Point C is a 3200 MW nuclear power plant consisting of two units, the plant is under construction in Somerset, England. The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is of great importance for the UK in terms of reducing emissions carbon.”, – stated in a press release.
In addition, it is specified that the electricity produced by the two EPR reactors will prevent the emission of carbon dioxide at the level of 9 million tons annually. Mechanical properties, metal structure and resistance to intergranular corrosion fully meet the requirements used in the nuclear industry. The auditors also had no comments on the document flow and its quality.
“You managed to complete all the remaining work and provide us with full support in the export of products from Ukraine. We greatly appreciate the stable and reliable communication with you and your team over the past few weeks,” said Jan Paul Godhoff, director of international projects at Buhlmann.
In turn, Centravis Sales Director Artem Atanasov stressed that Ukraine is now going through difficult times, and participation in major global projects is the company’s support from European colleagues.
“Centravis” is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of seamless stainless steel pipes, founded in 2000. Its production facilities are located in Nikopol (Dnepropetrovsk region). Included in the top 10 global players, supplies pipes to more than 70 countries from different regions, in particular to Thyssenkrupp, Buhlmann, BMW, Alstom, Linde, Samsung, Volkswagen.
Before the Russian aggression, more than 1,400 people worked at the enterprise.
Holding Centravis Ltd. was created on the basis of CJSC “Nikopol Stainless Pipe Plant”, service and trading companies LLC “Production and Commercial Enterprise “UVIS”. Its shareholders are members of the Atanasov family.
Owned by Centravis Ltd. 100% of the shares of PJSC “Centravis Production Ukraine” is located.

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National Nuclear Generating Company Energoatom has signed an export contract with the Moldovan state company Energocom, according to which it plans to supply 85,200 MWh of electricity to Moldova in June at a price of $77 per 1 MWh.
Energoatom has great potential to increase the production of electricity, so its export to Moldova, and subsequently to the neighboring EU countries, is an extremely promising area of the company’s trading activities,” the company said on its Telegram channel on Friday.
At the same time, thanks to the export, Energoatom will receive an additional source for financing of public service obligations (PSO), according to which the population is supplied with electricity.
As Energoatom said, Ukrainian exports will allow Moldova to diversify electricity supplies and strengthen the country’s energy security, since its power consumption largely depends on generation at the Moldavskaya State District Power Plant of Russia.
According to the results of daily auctions, on June 4 and on June 5, Energoatom bought 150 MW of interstate section towards Moldova on a flat schedule, another 200 MW on a flat schedule was bought by PJSC Ukrhydroenergo, which has been exporting electricity to Moldova since May 12.

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Ukraine has already agreed with the EU countries on the creation of alternative routes for the supply of Ukrainian food exports to world markets, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said.
“Ukraine, the EU, the US, Canada, the UK and other partners are working together to avoid a global food crisis provoked by Russian aggression and blockade. This is a very difficult task, but we are working on it,” the press service of the Foreign Ministry quoted Kuleba as saying. Tuesday.
As the minister stressed, the only reason for the restrictions on Ukrainian food exports is Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its illegal blockade of Ukrainian seaports.
“With its criminal actions, Russia undermines global food security. But even in such difficult conditions, Ukraine is making every effort to fulfill contractual obligations and supply food to foreign consumers, in particular using the EU infrastructure,” he said.
Kuleba once again warned foreign consumers against being drawn into illegal Russian schemes to sell food stolen in Ukraine and urged them to buy Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products through the European logistics system.
The Foreign Ministry recalled that on May 12, EU Commissioner for Transport Adina Velyan presented in Brussels an action plan called “Solidarity Lanes” aimed at helping Ukrainian food exports. As part of this project, 20 million tons of grain will be shipped from Ukraine using EU infrastructure in less than three months.
Earlier, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry warned consumer countries that the batches of grain sold to the Russian Federation may partially or completely contain grain stolen as a result of marauding actions of Russian occupiers. The facts of the theft of Ukrainian grain by Russia are confirmed by both numerous testimonies of Ukrainian farmers and documentary evidence, the ministry said.

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