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US Congress approves bill to provide Ukraine with a $12.3 billion military aid package

The United States Congress on Friday approved a bill to provide Ukraine with a $12.3 billion military and economic aid package, The New Yorks Times reports.

“On Friday, Congress gave final approval to a short-term package that would allow the government to operate until mid-December and avoid a midnight shutdown, as well as send about $12.3 billion in military and economic assistance to Ukraine,” the statement said.

It clarifies that the House of Representatives passed the document less than 12 hours before the funding deadline and submitted it to President Biden for signature.

This will allow the government to work until December 16, giving lawmakers time to iron out significant disagreements over a dozen annual spending bills.

According to them, the package of said assistance includes the third tranche of assistance to Ukraine to fight Russia, in addition to the total amount of about $54 billion approved earlier this year.

“Following Friday’s vote, Congress has given Ukraine more military aid than any other country in a single year since the Vietnam War, signaling a remarkable bipartisan consensus in favor of pouring massive amounts of American resources into the fight as the country seeks to wrest much of its power from Russia. territory,” the reporters said.