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The net loss of Ukrainian banks in January-May 2022 amounted to UAH 1.3 billion against a profit of UAH 23.8 billion for the same period last year, the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reported on Tuesday.
It is indicated that the net profit for May of this year amounted to UAH 6.1 billion, while in April there was a net loss of UAH 7.426 billion.
According to the NBU, the income of banks for 5 months increased by 15% compared to the same period last year – up to UAH 116.5 billion, including interest income – by 18%, to UAH 76.957 billion, while the commission decreased by 8.9 % – up to UAH 31.032 billion.
At the same time, bank expenses in January-May increased by 51% – up to UAH 117.8 billion, including interest expenses – by 4.3%, up to UAH 22.135 billion, commission expenses – by 13.914%, up to UAH 8.4 billion and expenses from deductions to reserves – by 8.2 times, up to UAH 39.2 billion.



As of June 1, 2022, BTA Bank violated the regulatory capital ratio (norm H1, not less than UAH 200 million) with an indicator of UAH 192.418 million and Alpari Bank (UAH 192.998 million), monthly statistics published on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine show (NBU) for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war.
The standard for the maximum amount of credit risk per counterparty (N7 standard, no more than 25%) was violated by Industrialbank (39.18%), Oschadbank (25.01%) and Megabank (59.86%).
The risk standard for a total long open currency position (standard L13-1, no more than 5%) was violated by Oschadbank (164.53%), PrivatBank (90.2%), Alliance banks (78.3%) and Portal (fourteen%). Industrialbank (12.7%), Skybank (8.2%), Trust-Capital Bank (5.4%).
According to the NBU, the foreign currency liquidity coverage ratio (LCRів, not less than 100%) was violated by TASkombank (98.33%), Idea Bank (87.4%), Ibox Bank (69.57%), Poltava-Bank (29 .1%) and Megabank (27.97%).
The Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR, not less than 100%) was not adhered to by OTP Bank (99.6%). Alliance (97.3%), Globus Bank (95.7%), PIB (95.1%), Megabank (82.3%).
It is indicated that Megabank violated the regulatory capital adequacy ratio (N2 ratio, not less than 10%) with an indicator of 4.08%, the maximum credit risk ratio for transactions with persons related to the bank (N9, not more than 25%) with an indicator of 81.85 %, the risk ratio of the total short open currency position (standard L13-2, no more than 5%) with a value of 54% and the standard for the liquidity coverage ratio for all currencies (LCRвв, no less than 100%) with an indicator of 3.1%.
It is noted that the standard for calculating the short-term liquidity ratio (N6) by banks is not indicated in the statistics of this month, since it was canceled on March 23.

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Ukrainian banks in 2021 reduced the number of structural units by 6.3%, or by 449 branches, to 6,685.
According to data on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), in 2021 Oschadbank closed 235 branches (reducing their number to 1,602), PrivatBank – 220 (to 1,497), UkrSibbank – 21 (to 251), Alfa Bank – 17 (to 201), Pivdenny Bank – 10 (to 87), Ukreximbank – 9 (to 53), Ukrgasbank – 8 (268), PIB – 7 (19), Sberbank – 5 (85), Raiffeisen Bank Aval – 4 (to 392).
At the same time, in 2020 banks opened 84 branches, including Accordbank – 28 branches, expanding its regional network to 107 branches, FUIB – 24 (up to 248), Crystalbank – 12 (up to 36), A-Bank – 7 (up to 239), Alliance Bank, CIB and Ukrbudinvestbank – 5 each (up to 30, 43 and 53, respectively).
According to the data of the National Bank, as of January 1, 2022 Oschadbank remains the leader in terms of the number of branches (1,602), the second place is occupied by PrivatBank (1,497), the third is Raiffeisen Bank Aval (392), the fourth is Ukrgasbank (268) and the fifth – UkrSibbank (251).
As in the first half of the year, Prominvestbank (PIB), Albank, Credit Europe and Familny banks, BTA Bank, ING Bank Ukraine, Citibank, Trust-Capital Bank, the Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD), CreditWest Bank, Deutsche Bank DBU, SEB Corporate Bank, Alpari Bank, Avangard Bank and Portal Bank, according to the regulator’s data, operate with one open branch.

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The profit of Ukrainian banks in January-November 2021 increased by 52% – to UAH 65.728 billion, the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) said.
According to the regulator, bank incomes for the 11 months of this year increased by 6.1% against the indicator for the same period last year – up to UAH 243.568 billion. In particular, fee and commission income increased by 32.6% – up to UAH 83.5 billion.
At the same time, the result from revaluation and from sales and purchases was negative and amounted to UAH 2.7 billion, which is 8.4 times less than in the same period last year (minus UAH 22.5 billion).
The expenses of the banking system in January-November 2021 decreased by 4.5% compared to this indicator in 2020 – to UAH 177.84 billion, including deductions to reserves – by 3 times, to UAH 8.3 billion. At the same time, commission expenses increased by 46% – to UAH 31.5 billion.
As reported, Ukrainian banks in 2020 reduced their net profit by 29% – to UAH 41.3 billion, but in the fourth quarter the decline was 63% due to increased allocations to reserves.


The net assets of Ukrainian banks in July-September 2021 increased by 2.1% – to UAH 1.932 trillion, due to the revival of lending to corporations and individuals, according to data released on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).
According to its data, in July-September, the assets of banks with foreign capital grew by 6.3% – to UAH 604 billion, private banks – by 11%, to UAH 411 billion, PrivatBank – by 1%, to UAH 375 billion, while as the assets of state banks decreased by 7%, to UAH 543 billion.
“The growth of bank assets in the third quarter was provided mainly by lending. Net hryvnia loans to businesses and the population in annual terms grew by more than 40% and 30%, respectively, mortgage loans “accelerated” to almost 55% year-on-year. This indicates the ongoing post-crisis growth of “credit appetites” on the part of both supply and demand,” NBU Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko said on Facebook.
He noted that the share of non-performing loans in the third quarter decreased by 3.9 percentage points, to 33.3% due to the largest write-off of non-performing assets this year and accelerated lending.
According to the survey, in July-September, the volume of household deposits in hryvnias decreased by 1.4%, mainly due to funds on demand as a result of a seasonal increase in consumer spending. At the same time, in annual terms, the volume of hryvnia funds of individuals increased by 15%.
It is indicated that funds of business clients in the national currency increased by 6.9% in the quarter and by 28.1% year-over-year.
According to the NBU, the factors of profitability are the continued growth of operating efficiency and a significant reduction in provisions to reserves.



The loan portfolio of Ukrainian banks in August 2021 increased by 3%, to UAH 1.124 trillion, while the volume of non-performing loans (NPL) decreased by 0.7%, to UAH 393.178 billion, according to reports on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). According to the report, the share of non-performing loans in the country’s banking system in August fell to 34.99% from 36.3% in July.
The National Bank indicated that over the month the portfolio of loans in the corporate sector increased by 2.6% – to UAH 827.583 billion (the NPL volume in it decreased by 0.2% – to UAH 344.99 billion), and the portfolio of loans to individuals increased by 2.4% – to UAH 238.463 billion (NPL decreased by 3.7% – to UAH 47.738 billion).
At the same time, the volume of interbank loans increased by 3.9% – to UAH 41.1 billion (NPL by 1.3% – to UAH 450 million), and the volume of loans issued to public authorities and local governments – by 1.5 times, to UAH 16.7 billion (NPL remained at 0%).
According to the National Bank, in August the share of NPL in the portfolio of loans provided to the corporate sector decreased by 1.2 percentage points (to 41.69%), loans to the population – by 1.3 percentage points (to 20.02%), interbank loans – by 0.03 percentage points (to 1.10%), while the share of loans to state authorities remained at the level of 0%.
The central bank’s report indicates that the loan portfolio of state-owned banks (excluding PrivatBank) in August-2021 increased by 4.7% – to UAH 303.856 billion (the NPL volume in it decreased by 0.9% – to UAH 111.195 billion). PrivatBank’s loan portfolio grew by 0.9% – to UAH 250.674 million (NPL – by 0.1%, to UAH 176.9 billion).
In addition, over the month, the loan portfolio of banks with foreign capital increased by 3.5% (to UAH 372.39 billion), with private – by 2.2% (to UAH 196.257 billion). At the same time, the volume of NPL in them decreased by 2.5% (to UAH 82.956 billion) and by 1.1% (to UAH 21.592 billion), respectively.
Thus, in August 2021, the share of NPL in the loan portfolio of state-owned banks (excluding PrivatBank) decreased by 2 p.p. (to 36.59%), and in PrivatBank – by 0.6 p.p. (to 70.57%). At the same time, the share of NPL in the loan portfolio of banks with foreign capital decreased by 1.4 percentage points (to 22.28%), with private – by 0.4 percentage points (to 11%).

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